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Studio Apartment in Ahmedabad | Ego Designs

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Studio Apartment in Ahmedabad | Ego Designs

With limited floor space, Ego Designs has carefully understood it’s important to create a cozy and welcoming ambience and has combined all the functions in a harmonious way.

The Floor space was divided into multiple spaces where a small Pantry area with beautifully designed bar counter, also two contradictory accented wall just add up to the raw look to the studio apartment.


Ego Designs was founded in early 2007. After the completion of Chirag’s post graduation, the two young designers decided to learn the trade the hard way and directly started the Studio with no past experience in the field. Starting with a few small jobs and slowly learning their way around, the Studio has now completed several beautiful and noteworthy Residential, Office, Retail and Hospitality projects. The leap of progress came around 2013 when, after years of toiling hard work, the Studio produced projects which started appearing in leading design Magazines. Several of the Studio’s projects have featured in Ideal Home & Garden, Inside Outside and Design Matrix.

Photo Credits: Ego Designs

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