Office Spaces Creating Linear And Clustered Formation | H S Designs 

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Office Spaces Creating Linear And Clustered Formation | H S Designs 

Jai Aravali Group of Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of Chemicals for Paper Industry. With factories all over India, this is a Company on the growth curve looking to expand its operations and the first thing on their mind was a larger consolidated space for their employees.

The layout planning of the project of 5000sqft was to see more people than partitions in the office. Optimum utilization of the natural light in the workstations, conference room, and director’s room was the target. Lots of Vaastu restrictions in the planning as well as colour usage were a challenge.

Designer: H S Designs

The main one being the entry of CMD’s cabin from the Reception. As one enters the reception they are greeted by the Italian Marble desk, straight-lined sofas and a large screen with diagonal aluminium fins to block off clear access to CMD’s cabin. A small meeting room is carved with an attractive table of tan colour legs for immediate visitors.

Neutral Laminates were selected with splashes of colour in Chairs, Storages, Glass Films and loose furniture to add vibrancy all throughout the office. The Conference room has a formal appearance with pastel mauve colour on the TV wall. The room is sufficiently flooded by natural light from the glazing during day time.  All Tables designed with Corian, Veneer and Laminate are made to look sleek even with a long length. The suspended profile Lights suffice the environment without the others during the day time.

A display and storage cabinet is made as a part of the back credenza in the cabins to visually let the back credenza appear in a proportion of the main desk. Many of the client’s personal curios and collectables, picked up on his travel have been accommodated in these display cabinets. Also, pastel shades on random shutters and niches break the monotony of the laminate. CMD’s Cabin has a formal work desk area, a customized Barcelona chair with table and an informal zone with sofa seating. The panelling on Partition hides the Toilet behind the TV with an entrance door from the sofa area in CMD Cabin.

The workspace has a linear as well as clustered formation as per departments. The desks and storages are maintained with a neutral colour palette to give emphasis to the plants and greens as well as the glass film. A play in the colour of the back of chairs with deep red and grey is done to keep the colours flowing throughout the open space. Enough storage is accommodated in the staff area for daily requirement.

The cafeteria has an open space with a bold graphic wall. It stretches from one end to the other with thought-provoking words, graphics to cheer you up during the break hour.

The Side Tables and Sofas have been customized as per individual Cabin Requirements. Glass Film for the staff area and reception have been customized as well for staff and reception area.  Straight Lines, Well defined spaces, well-equipped cabins, effective colours and overall a functional office caters to the company’s requirements, making it comfortable and efficient for its employees to work and interact harmoniously.



Designer: H S Designs 

Area: 5000 sqft Carpet

Location: Andheri East, Mumbai

Contractors: Max Constructions -Mohan Bhadwa

Year Of Completion: 2019

Photography: Sagar Karnik

Email ID: [email protected]

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H S Designs is an upcoming Interior Design and Styling brand established in December 2018 by Ms Hansi S. It believes in delivering design experiences that are distinctive, compelling with superb quality and individuality. It is committed to achieving the best results with a “turn-key “approach through the services offered. The Brand participates in Corporate and Residential Interiors from Initial Concepts, Budgeting, Material Selections, Execution, Styling of each furniture piece, Project Coordination – Always with precision, professionalism, attention to detailing and Client satisfaction. The goal is to always create designs tailored to the Client’s unique style and blending the functional and aesthetic needs.

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