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Sleek And Simple Apartment Design | MS Craft

The big house with its mid-century modern design is a great specimen of the classy interiors that are idolized today. It gives us clean lines, uncluttered and sleek furniture with warm woods and a serene range of colours. A very simple, sleek and sober Apartment design can be seen in the similar colour combinations used in the house

A larger than life living space is what one desires for in a posh residence and here you can find one. The sophisticated room inspired by the “modern style” has got most sought after furniture pieces placed in two segmented sections facing the TV unit. The brown colour that collaborated with the hues of white is a thought beyond the standards of colour pallet. Also, one of the sides is enhanced with a contrasting orange velvety sofa making a bold statement in the living. One can also find a very interesting wall hanging of a group of circles made from different materials, making it the most eye conic element in the room. The tabletops are even in oval shapes to following this approach. The superior satvario marble flooring offers an intensified and appealing base to the overall setup.

The best thing about this space is the openness and natural light it offers through the full-length huge windows covered with light curtains to allow light. A rare distinguished feature of style demanded a contemporary chandelier merged with small ceiling lights. All the decorative elements placed in this room are vintage to accompany the language.

The remarkable partition system used is entire of wood with circular punctures at regular intervals. A rotating smaller circle allows partial vision and light from the living. The heart of the home is this open modular kitchen with a ravishing cooking area and abundant storage beneath the dark marble platform. The hanging lights of the metal wireframe look like a linear pendant suspending from the ceiling beside the modern tall bar stools with wooden backing.

The guest bedroom should be three things – inviting, functional and comfortable and this house provides all the three in their guest bedroom. A very simple, sleek and sober bedroom decor can be seen here in the similar colour combinations as used in the rest of the house. The room seems to have a wooden frame with one side open for the availability of direct light and the other side highlighted by wall panels. The circular mirror with wooden wall panels at the backside adheres to the circular concept in the well-furnished restroom.

The master bedroom greets you with an informal sitting. The muddy brown chair covers are in variance with the remaining bright and unpigmented color scheme used in the room. The coffee table in between is a simple piece of circular marble looking soberly balanced. Two ceiling lights hanging above the side stools in the shape of the circular golden ball is prominent enough to accessorize the bed space with the gorgeous lighting it proposes.

The full-length windows allow light and wind, makes the environment peaceful for getting the quality sleep one needs at night. The window blinds at the backside compliment the bedding in dark and white. The curtains have light patterns on them which can be used when needed. One of the walls is the common gallery area has vertical artificial greens designed to spend the leisure time in the refreshing location of the house.

The other bedroom has a different color pallet with Hues of blue and grey were picked to maximize the efficiency of sleep due to the calm and cool feels it provides. The striped patterns in the background devise the balance between the other linear patterns used for the bedding covers and hand board. This room brings an emotion of transition that is an eclectic mixture between the classical and contemporary style of home decor. The neutral shades of colour also play a vital role in the same.

Facts File:

Firm: MS Craft

Project Name: Hissaria’s residence

Location: Vesu,Surat

Area: 1600 Sqft.

Principal Designers: Ar.Mitesh Suthar

Year Of Completion: 2018

Photography Credits Prachi Khasgiwala

Text Credits: Abhilasha Jha

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