100+ Eye Catching Dining Room Design You Can Incorporate In Your House

5/5 – (3 votes) Dining area designs are a make or break deal with users and visitors alike. Not only a dedicated space for having meals but also a space for community of friends and family, a formal gathering, dining area design inculcates a mood for all such events. Dining area interactions leave a long[Read More]

100+ Modern Dining Room Decor

3.8/5 – (5 votes) 100+ Modern Dining Room Decor Modern Dining Room Decor Inspiration is a part of our furniture design inspiration series. Furniture design inspirational series is a weekly showcase of incredible furniture designs from all around the world. Design Inspiration >>> 60+ Wall Mirror Design Inspiration         Design Inspiration >>> 100+ Jali Design Ideas[Read More]

A Functional Space With Distinct Colour Pallete And Materials Reflecting Luxury And Comfort | The 7th Corner Interior

5/5 – (1 vote) This 1250 Sq.ft luxury residence located in Mumbai is design and executed by The 7th Corner Interior, This home reflects client lifestyle, we have emphasis on “Less is more”! We created timeless interiors by incorporating global design trends and also balanced out functionality of the space by effective space planning! For different[Read More]

This Luxurious House Is An Exquisite Reflection Of A360’s Signature Style | A360 architects

5/5 – (2 votes) Some clients, some projects, some homes are not just a part of our work, they occupy a special place in our heart. This luxurious house is an exquisite reflection of A360’s signature style with a harmonious blend of the client’s identity, aspirations and reflection of their personality. It is a house[Read More]

The Arch House Is A Compact 3BHK Modern Contemporary Apartment Designed With Vastu Principles | The Archville studio

5/5 – (4 votes) A modern contemporary theme has been followed in the entire space with hints of beautiful colours and playing with arches makes this blank spatial canvas come alive. The brief from our client was to have an experience of minimal, calm, balanced apartment. The Arch House is a compact 3bhk modern contemporary[Read More]

Elegant, Minimalistic Architecture And Interior Design For The Function Hall Of Vedant Banquets | AndSpaces

3/5 – (2 votes) Located on the banks of Morna River, the third largest city in Vidarbha, Maharashtra, Akola is an important city due to its history, culture, politics and agriculture. Due to the prominent road and rail facilities via Akola, it is developing into a market center and Transportation hub, making it a regular[Read More]

Luxury Resort – Jagira “The Jungle Resort”, Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat | MAATRA Architects

Rate this project On the peripheries of the world famous Wildlife Sanctuary rests this Luxury Resort – Jagira “The Jungle Resort”, Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat, planned and executed by MAATRA Architects. Enveloped by lush greenery, and influenced from the forestry around it, it offers an ecstatic getaway, secluded from city life. The contemporary architecture,[Read More]

Five Bedroom Apartment Design That Echoes A Tropical Luxury Theme | Shape My Space

4.8/5 – (5 votes) Bearing an ambience of tropical luxury with the occupants’ personalities imbued into its core, playful colour schemes and smart space planning emanates calm and airiness, yoked with shots of artistic characteristics – all planned on a budget in this five bedroom apartment design that echoes a tropical luxury theme. Five Bedroom[Read More]

Top 15 DIY Hand-Painted Furniture & Décor Ideas For Your Home

Rate this project Handpainted furniture and décor are a super option if you’re thinking of remodelling your home. They allow you to add authentic pieces, unlike contemporary solutions that involve the mass production of identical pieces. Moreover, handpainted décor allows you to perfectly capture your charm and personality, and tap into bespoke and higher-quality finishes.[Read More]