Self-Storage: How to Use a Storage Unit for Every Season

Self-storage has been a lifesaver for Phoenix homeowners looking for additional space. It comes in handy when you have a lot of clutter, move around often, or would like to renovate your space. However, it isn’t always a temporary thing.

You can use it all year round for seasonal storage. Here are a few tips for using a storage unit for every season. 

  1. Spring Storage

Spring is the season of warm weather. As things start thawing out, you may need to keep your holiday décor and winter gear away. This is where Phoenix self-storage units kick in. Even if you don’t do spring cleaning, there may be a lot of junk you need to keep away. Here are a few items that you may need to keep away:

  • snow boots
  • shovels
  • bulky coats
  • scarves and hats
  • winter decor
  • sweaters
  • Christmas decorations
  • snow blowers
  • snowmobiles

Things to Consider When Looking for Spring Storage

Dehumidified Storage

If you live in a Southern city, you may experience a lot of humidity in the summer. You need enough storage space for dehumidifiers when spring finally comes along. 


Covered Vehicle Storage

If your vehicles need protection from strong winds, storms, and hail, it may be smart to rent covered vehicle storage. 

Drive-Up Access Storage

Renting a storage unit may be a fantastic idea when you need to store bulky winter gear. It could also be good for storing Christmas trees and other large decorations. 

  1. Summer Storage

Summer is the time for your outdoor furniture to shine. It is ideal for vacations, play, and get-togethers. You may need storage for things like:

  • School supplies
  • cool weather clothing
  • boat and jet ski covers
  • pool cover
  • Appliances and furniture pieces

Things to Consider When Looking for Summer Storage

Vehicle Storage

Do you have a camper, Jet Ski, boat or other recreational vehicles? You may wish to take them out for some summer play. However, the vehicles cover a lot of space, and they can fill up your driveway. You would benefit from a storage unit for your vehicles. 

Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage is always a great idea, especially in the summer. You may need dehumidified or air-controlled solutions for items that may be susceptible to heat damage. 

  1. Fall Storage

You may need storage for your patio furniture as you transition from summer to winter weather. Fall is the time to get your recreational equipment ready. You may also want to winterize boats, jet skis, motorcycles, and RVs for storage. Here are a few items that may need storage in the fall. 

  • Swimsuits
  • inner tubes
  • beach gear and toys
  • gardening tools and equipment
  • hoses and sprinklers
  • pool maintenance equipment
  • kayaks, canoes, surfboards, and paddleboards
  • outdoor furniture

Things to Consider When Looking for Fall Storage

Climate-Controlled Storage

You will need this convenient storage feature to store your items safely. It is imperative if you live in areas that experience extreme temperature changes through the seasons. 

Outdoor Vehicle Storage

Outdoor vehicle storage is necessary if you need to store your jet skis, boats, and other vehicles when the temperatures start dropping. 

Drive-Up Access

This option is ideal for storing heavy items or smaller watercraft. You can pull your car up to the unit for convenient loading or unloading with drive-up access. 

  1. Winter Storage

When winter comes, you don’t need yard equipment, grills, some outdoor furniture pieces, or fall decorations. Even though you may not always get snow, leaving your recreational vehicles or outdoor furniture outside would be unwise. You’ll probably need storage for:

  • leaf blowers
  • bikes
  • gardening tools
  • patio furniture
  • tailgating equipment
  • grills
  • convertibles and classic cars
  • trailers, RVs, and campers
  • motorcycles

Things to Consider When Looking for Winter Storage

Heated Storage Units

This feature will protect your sensitive items from temperature fluctuations. If you experience extreme snow or cold in the winter, you want to ensure that your items are stored safely. 

Indoor Vehicle Storage

Indoor drive-up units are ideal for motorcycles, classic cars, and other small vehicles that need protection from extreme temperatures. 

Do you need a place to store your belongings? Self-storage units are ideal for all seasons. Storage units offer solutions for both short and long-term storage needs. Luckily, there are many storage units in Phoenix, and you should have no trouble settling for one.