Renovations Done? Now it’s Time to Clean all that Mess up

In 2020, more than $316 billion was spent on home improvements. This included typically, new bathroom installations, extensions to homes, and of course, new kitchens.

Adding a new kitchen to a home is a popular choice for many. After all, it can be the hub of a family home, and a well-planned kitchen can add value.

AZ Big Media reports that a homeowner could raise the value of their home by as much as 10% by installing a new kitchen. Obviously, this can be an expensive undertaking, but the expected return on investment is anywhere from 70 to 100 percent.

If you do undertake some building work on your home or office, then there is one extra thing to consider; the clean-up afterward.

Do builders clean up after themselves?

You would expect perhaps somewhat more professionalism in today’s building industry than perhaps a few decades ago, and you’d be right. Many construction firms understand the need to conduct a clean after the renovations are finished.

If you employed a firm to plan and install your kitchen then you would expect them to clean up after the work is done.

However, not all companies will carry out this task, and if they do, it may not be to your standard. Construction waste can leave behind tiny pieces of debris, none of which you want in your home, as you will read further below.

What is an after-builder clean?

As it sounds, it is simply a service that comes with post-renovation and clears away everything left behind from the building work.

Yet, it is more than just a simple sweep and vacuum. Employing after builders cleaning services means that your home will be subject to a thorough deep clean with all construction residue and the waste removed

Everything from scrubbing toilets so they look showroom fresh, to removing visible stickers left on new appliances will be done.

In short, a professional after builder cleaning will make sure that your home has no construction residue, dust, debris, waste, or leftover items once it has finished.

Is it worth using an after builder cleaning service?

After spending thousands of dollars on a new kitchen, you might be entitled to ask; why do you need to spend more?

If you choose the right after builders cleaning service you can expect your home to be left spotless. Doing this yourself will take time, and in some cases, the equipment you potentially do not have.

Knowing how to get the best out of a cleaning service means choosing one that will get into the corners and crevices to remove all possible dust and debris. Instead of one person attempting to clean away all the residue left from construction, you will get a team that is competent in this field.

After the time, inconvenience, and noise of construction, it makes sense to many people to get professionals in to finish off the last leg. Once the cleaning is complete, and leftover waste is removed, you can finally enjoy that new bathroom or kitchen.

Isn’t this just an added expense after paying for the renovations or remodel?

After construction cleaning isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. Construction waste can be hazardous to your health, and to your property.

If you have small children then you won’t want them walking or crawling through the dust and debris left behind by the construction work. Construction waste can consist of many products, including some that are potentially dangerous.

Although it is unlikely today that you will end up with these materials in your home after construction, there is still potential for something hazardous to be there. Construction waste can consist of anything from lead to asbestos, and concrete dust to wood.

However, due to the nature of renovations and construction, there can be many other materials leftover including chemicals, thinners, light bulbs, and nails or screws. None of these are things you want lying about.

Then there is the abrasive dust that can scratch surfaces, and get into the fibers of your carpet damaging it over time.


Carrying out home renovations requires knowing some crucial basic factors. Most people will be excited about the thought of having a new room, or a new bathroom. But, most people probably aren’t considering the clean-up needed after the fact.

With all the excitement of the planning and then the commencement of the work, the nitty-gritty of cleaning up is likely to be forgotten.

Nevertheless, this is a critical part of the building process. Construction leaves waste and debris behind, not all of which will be taken away by the builders. It can also leave other small but time-consuming tasks like cleaning windows, removing labels from new appliances, and buffing up that new bath.

An after-builder clean is an essential part of having a home remodeled, and it may be worth considering using professionals for the job.