• Apartment Striking Balance Between Modern Living And Comfort | Creative Geometry

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    Apartment Striking Balance Between Modern Living And Comfort | Creative Geometry

    Living room:

    The home of Zaina & Faiz is an abundant form of sophistication brought into spatial design, striking it right between luxe living and modern comfort. What is observed is the usage of glass and mirrors to rich upholstery with perfectly lined brass. The workmanship is evident for those with a keen eye. The living room is furnished with mid-century sofas and nesting tables. False roofing had the design team achieve the right lighting feel for the whole set up.

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    Dining room:

    Touch & Feel Regal continues well into the dining room from the living. A modern form of sophistication finds itself via material usage and precise workmanship in the dining room. Glass & brass tie in with hand-picked grey marble used in the crockery unit and dining table of the dining room, elements used in the living room as well. Intricate brass work inlays in the marble top sit nicely on the solid wood frame of the table.

    The chairs with brass-finished legs have the endorsement of Ms.Zaina as Truly Regal. The grey marble top enhances the feeling one gets in the living and dining which overlooks each other. Rich fabrics sewn into the cushions of the living and dining makes one comfortable in an air of sophistication. Yes, an air of sophistication at the Shakir’s. Bon appetit!


    Plush & Functional Kitchen at Shakir’s: Team Creative Geometry was briefed to create a kitchen that had to have all the modern-day appliances, needed to stand out aesthetically and ensure utmost ease while one heartily whips out favourite dishes for the family. The comfort was brought in modifying the previous layout of the utility & small kitchen and converting it into a larger kitchen with an adjacent storeroom, which suited the client owing to the frequency of guests they have over.

    Aesthetic emphasis was given by the usage of self textured acrylic panels shipped all the way from Germany, grey quartz engineered stone for the countertop, and premium tiles styled in Herringbone format ( which is tough to do). Thorough inputs were taken in-step with Faiz and Zaina by our design team and we thank this involved and beautiful couple.

    Kids bedroom :

    The multi-functional room takes on a New Meaning for Anam: Let’s jump rope into little Anam’s bedroom where her Dad wanted a room that is flexible and not rigid and this is reflected across the room. Her canopy bed is placed on a raised platform with soft cushion backs at the end of it, which serves as a play zone for kids to play around. There’s ample storage beneath the bed for her linen.

    The word multi-functional takes on a new meaning as we brought in a multi-functional swivel bed that when folded performs the task of a study table / or a library. This superwoman furniture helps transform the space, where Anam uses it to study, or host a friend over for a PJ party or simply clear the floor space for a play date with not one but 2/3 friends. The room truly multi-tasks and is the Super Hero of the home design!

    Master bedroom:

    Retreat for Faiz and Zaina: The Shakir’s retreat is their master bedroom and the meticulous couple wanted the Regal to feel to chug along with a sense of a calm space that is their Master Bed. Our designer planned a ‘ See me when you need me ‘ TV unit amidst the wardrobes, which means the entertainment console gets concealed behind the sliding shutters. Silver glass and expensive veneer were used as constant with the closet, the cot, and the side table. Linen, Upholstery, Decor has been carefully chosen and show off their taste and requirement for high comfort.


    Un-Boring Toilets: Creative Geometry along with its clients picked very interesting tiles such as satvario in the master bed, and literally, every bathroom was design-synced to the room they are part of. Each bath had designer shelves with strip lighting to emphasize the curios or indoor plants that Shakir’s have carefully selected for this personal space and every mirror was cove lit to make you feel energized. Bathrooms got their due and definitely were conceptualized to be indulgent.


    Designed byCreative Geometry

    Project Type: 3BHK apartment(renovation)

    Project Name: Faiz & Zaina’s residence

    Location: Bangalore

    Year built: 2020

    Size: sq feet: 2500

    Photograph courtesy: frames by harsh




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