Comforts Of Modern Luxuries Infused With Traditional Characteristics Of Indian Culture | H INTERIOR DESIGNS

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One of our clients from Pune approached us looking for us to design their new family residential unit. They were a very successful couple in their late 30’s and were looking to create their house as a place where they could have all the modern practical units but designed heavily infused with Indian royalty and ethnicity. They wanted their 3000 sq.ft. home to evoke an Indian ethnic feel but also incorporate modern styles. With this brief, we suggested them to opt for an Indian Modernism theme where they could have all the comforts of modern luxuries infused with traditional characteristics of Indian culture.

Comforts Of Modern Luxuries Infused With Traditional Characteristics Of Indian Culture | H INTERIOR DESIGNS


The entrance welcomes you with a huge Lord Buddha mural symbolizing peace and serenity. The royal blue colour and the intricate handwork foyer unit immediately takes you to the ethnic roots of India.

We have converted the entrance lobby into a hand-painted wall art with traditional jharokha arches to symbolize Indian royalty. While the furniture in itself is quite contemporary the addition of the royal blue color ensures continuity of design from the entrance foyer. The gold inlays again add a character of Indian royalty in the space.

The dining room is where the vibrancy was brought in. Coloured seating with a distressed look for the dining table adds character to the space.

The royal blue crockery unit with Indian Jaali design gives the space an ethnic look. The arched mirror work on the wall makes the dining room look more spaced out.

The balcony was designed as an in-house bar inlayed with an onyx backdrop and cane outdoor seating. This balcony overlooks the south-west natural beauty of Pune and we added wall greenery to make it more natural and cosier.

The master bedroom was designed with a custom wallpaper of the Indian flamingo from the Kutch region of Gujarat, paired with rattan headboard and closet partition.

The furnishings were chosen in the same colour as the wallpaper which was pastel green and grey. The master ensuite bathroom has Indian handicraft mosaic tilework with vintage lamps.

The second bedroom was given a touch of Indian grandeur with a maroon-burgundy headboard and gold inlays. The vintage clock and the dresser add a touch of opulence to this room.

The third bedroom which was for the client’s mother was designed very aesthetically to evoke a feeling of the bygone era. We chose a powder blue wall and the furniture was made of teak with fine handwork craftsmanship.

They converted their fourth bedroom into a home theatre. We gave it a retro-ethnic look by using an Indian rug and Indian vintage accessories such as a transistor radio. The overall look was gray, black and white with a pop of red.

Overall, the project exceeded the client’s expectations and we enjoyed working on this project a lot. The best part about it was that the clients gave us a free hand when it came to creativity and this was the final result – a touch of the soul of India within their personal space!



Project Type : Residential


Location : PUNE

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 5 Months

Project Size: sq feet :  3000 Sq.ft

Principal Designer : Rashmi & Mitali Haswani

Team Design Credits : Muzzamel Shaikh & Akshay Haswan

Photograph Courtesy : Yogesh Mahamuni Photography

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