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De’UJA Design is a studio, specializing in enduring contemporary design and intelligent interiors for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Renowned for an impeccable sense of style, De’UJA design with thoughtful consideration of space and functionality, responding to our clients’ brief and lifestyle.

Part Grace, Part Luxury, Finesse in Contemporary Design | De’UJA Designs

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Living room

Double height living room is fabulous, fashionable and functional. What’s more is that the entire world is quickly falling in love with this ingenious trend. This technique will do more than make your living room utterly remarkable, it will also add depth and dimension to the rest of the house. Clearing up the space above will open up the entire room as well as open up your mind to all the endless possibilities.

The living room looks more spacious and the top floor’s windows add to the room’s natural light. The double heighted tv unit of Italian marble complements the entire living area. The double height living room allows this vision to be fully realized. The bohemian partition between living area and foyer gives an alluring look.  Parametrical organic wave structural ceiling of living passage and bohemian shaped mirrors over double heighted wall gives a sumptuousness look.

Take the plunge; have a look. we utilised walls with designer fibre cement board along with golden finished brass plates to create a unique and sophisticated accent wall that stretches up to the ceiling.

Kitchen & Dining area

Keep it simple. A minimalist kitchen design can still look high-end; it’s all in the quality of the materials and a well-balanced layout. Black and brown mirrors on the ceiling above the dining table & breakfast counter doubles up the energy served on the table. The table top is finished with Brazilian stone whereas breakfast counter is finished with wooden top.

Pooja room

The Pooja space was kept simple and quaint with hand painted lord krishna adding to the otherwise unpretentious feature wall.


Has been done up within contemporary design beige, dark beige and white colour scheme embellished with on-site brass gold finish “t” plate. The blend of palates- a textured beige fabric headboard, a soothing wallpaper with minor rustic texture in it over the walls, an intimate warmth of dark beige panelling with classical ornate form on the bed sides wall and subtle hint on the tv panel make the rooms look cozy & spacious at the same time.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom embodies grandeur and elegance. While the pastel toned walls act as a terrazzo canvas, the panelling over bed back of dark green stone veneer & grey reflected mirrors acted as a statement. The herringbone grooves over TV unit along with grey reflected mirror and circular dressing mirror add warmth and cosiness to the space.

Guest bedroom

Encapsulate a minimal, modern yet regal approach. It’s a balanced blend of lux and whole lot of classy. The guest bedroom makes a bold statement with its floral pattern wall paper on both side walls of bed with very subtle royal blue textured headboard with matt golden brass ”t” plates all creating a focal point of this room.

Kid’s bedroom

Our young client wanted to create a space where their kid’s would feel a sense of his own and that went along the lines of “bright”, “bold” and “colorful”.  With royal blue & occur yellow their favorite color, we played around it with royal blue; occur yellow and grey to offset it and made a cozy and fun den for them.

With the use of geometrical patterns over ceiling, accents of wood, warm tones dominating with punches of colours, the quintessential home full of modern and traditional juxtapositions was created.

Multipurpose room

Last floor is entertainment and relaxing zone. A place where a big group of friends can see a match or a movie together or may be have a kid’s party. The projector is fixed in the wall and other walls were painted with archi-concrete texture.


The garden gazebo design manicured a crucial role in establishing connect between the house and existing surroundings. All of these elements and palette put together, this home in vadodara is a blend of modern cum traditional style.

Fact File

Designed by: De’UJA Designs

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Karma House

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Year Built: 2021

Duration of project: 9 Months

Plot Area: 5873 Sq.ft

Built up: 5370 Sq.ft

Project Size: 3700 Sq.ft.

Project Cost Approx.: 1.30 Crore

Principal Architects: Hemali soni & Dev soni

Team Design Credits: kunal baladaniya, Twisha shah, Mohammad ali sulaimani, Vatsal solanki

Photograph Courtesy: CrossClicks

Products & Materials: Sanitaryware: Jaquar / Windows: Fenesta / Paint: Asian paints / Art effects: Tamprapatra / Hardware: Ebco, Ozone, knox, Godrej

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