Oriental Style Apartment Interior | Balraj Thethi Design

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Oriental Style Apartment Interior | Balraj Thethi Design

The oriental style for the interior of the 3 bhk apartment brings a noble decoration as well as materials of unique quality. The fine geometrical shapes and absence of trivial frills. The exclusive designing has been done according to the likes and personal taste of the four family members. This blend of contemporary and traditional interior design looks quite sophisticated and warm.

Consider the warm entrance with the traditional Indian style main-door before the hall sweeps the visitors off their feet. When the guests are welcomed in this space they can have a look towards the elegant décor details of the living and dining area. A subtle prominence of oval shape can be observed here bringing orderliness and solidity. The color scheme of the interiors is majorly maintained in light pastels in contrast with olive green. All the shades are so calm and soothing. The unique furniture imported from Turkey looks quite amazing with the sense of customization in it.

The balcony has a mind-blowing view which is also responsible to fill the entire hallway with light and warm breeze. The gorgeous railing detail gives the space a finished look. The astonishing elliptical ceiling design for which the firm is renowned for has the attractive lightings completing the artistic composition. The repetition of designing for the TV unit and the curtain pelmet creates a sense of symmetry for space.

The minimalist cabinetry and neutral color pallets for the long kitchen of this apartment have a subtle elegance that will never go out of style. The shades of metallic bronze and browns have their sense of style. The color white is the theme to convey the minimalism as it immediately feels clean and simple. Based on the outlines of oriental style, the false ceiling done is a rare feature for a kitchen and thus makes it a striking space too.

The master bedroom is a vibrant, playful and fascinating place in the apartment that is being customized as per the respective user. One notices the small pops of blue color in the minute details. The new blue-colored veneer gives it a little bit rustic touch and a whole lot of gorgeous touch. The visual connectivity of the backdrop of the bed and the false ceiling give the space a soothing flow that is required while you head for sleeping. The sleek grittiness of the marbles tiles used for the attached bathroom earns the space some style points.

The daughter’s bedroom with the classic peach colored theme adds up to the truly lovely space. Mandala art has been seen to improve the behavioral psychology of a person. So, the Mandala art was used and transformed into hexagonal shapes for attaining deep connection. The angulated form of the hexagon has been then transferred to the false ceiling and bed designs. The golden botanical imprints etched at the backdrop of the bed looks amazing for the simple décor of the room. The light colors used in this room enhances the feeling of space and visually expands the area.

The son’s bedroom has been glorified by creating visual interest through the square shape for the bedroom space. You can observe a play of rhythmic square pattern for the false ceiling, wall lighting, racks in the backdrop of the bed as well as for the hand board. The color pallet used for this room is light shades of brown, dark olive with white. Space even has a quirky interior window covered with elegant curtains. The symmetric balance of the room draws your attention immediately with an emotion of hope, ease, and naturalness.

Fact File:

Design Firm: Balraj Thethi Design

Type of project: Apartment interiors

Area: 1500 Sq.ft

Photography credits: Prashant bhat

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