Old Meets New,A Fusion Apartment Interiors Designed by HBR_Architects | Mumbai

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The recently completed 3bhk apartment Interiors located at Mulund, by HBR_Architects.

showcases a mix of traditional art and modern design interplay creating a charming visual expression of the built environment.

The client, who is from Kutch, wanted the house interiors that resonate with his native land.  The brief was to reinterpret the architecture and colorful arts and crafts that Kutch is famous for in the present environment. As per the clients request the 3bhk apartment was modified into a 2bhk with 2 bedrooms being combined to form a large master bedroom.

The design approach was for a functional layout with a neutral color scheme, for the furniture walls, ceiling, and the flooring, with the exception of the kid’s bedroom, to form the backdrop bring in focus the intricate geometric patterns, motifs, paneling details and also the heavy embroidery textile used throughout the design.

Different materials and mediums have been used to create raw texture throughout the house with stamped cement walls and concrete finished lamps and printed handmade paper.

An overarching geometric pattern theme runs all along the house that tie’s the design of traditional aesthetic with modern mix seamlessly.


The ornately carved wooden door at the entrance adorned with miniature temple bells associated with positive sound usher the person in the entrance foyer with the walls treated with wooden panels and back painted glass.  The subtle push and pull design of the panels also hide the bedroom door leading to the kid’s bedroom playing the dual role of forming an interesting visual display for the visitors and the same time answering the need for privacy for the bedroom that opens right into the entrance foyer.



The foyer leads to the rectangularly shaped living room, which has been executed in brown and beige color palette with leather sofa and wood finished with natural polish to create a warm and soothing effect.

The living room doesn’t feature a TV unit; instead, a projector has been installed as per the client’s requirements.  In line with the design requirement, the side table has been specially designed to accommodate the same hidden from the casual visitor.


The dining table is made of solid wood finished with natural polish. The table supports are embellished with brass inlays which frame the kitchen counter side as the table slides below the counter table to open the living area and to allow the screen projection on the opposite wall.

A decorative mud artwork inside the house is synonyms with kutch architecture. The living room is replenished with the same but in its own language.

The wall behind the sofa features a custom designed artwork with ropes weaved on a wall hung wooden frame to   form a geometric pattern, inspired from the traditional   “khatiya”.


The wall running along the length of the room, features paneling done in heavy embroidery fabric in various colors and sizes, arranged in a rhythmic pattern. The panels have been designed so as to allow changing the fabric, to allow for flexibility and change in the décor with minimum interventions.


The false ceiling concept has been done away with to retain the maximum height, instead wooden joist run across the ceiling embedded with  mood led lights in tone  of  white and yellow to cater to the state of mind  desired.


The kids bedroom décor which  also has a study area in a niche takes inspirations from  the Rann of kutch with  predominately blue colors in upholstery with Hand-woven fabric specially curated form Kutch , for headrest, white  colored walls , the wooden  furniture  has been finished with white veener/ laminte with striations on it  to retain the rustic element yet  create  a light and airy feel to the room.


The nomadic theme is continued in the toilet with the layout modified for a walk in wardrobe and is finished with Moroccan tiles in 3 shades of blues with shimmering white grout in between.



The master bedroom has been divided into two functional areas.  thetv unit on the opposite wall of the bed is also a feature wall, finished with paneling of heavy in various colors and size. the toilet door has also been giving the same treatment of embroidery fabric to conceal within the feature wall.

The other area has been raised on a pedestal to create a segregated space with the part area used for walk in wardrobe and a  julla in the spillover space.

The area also houses a murphy bed to accommodate a guest overnight. The overall color scheme of brown and beige is complemented by colorfull upholstery with traditional motif and artwork made from kutchfabric for a bold statement.



The master bedroom toilet continues with the bold statement of the bedroom with extensive use of wood and stone materials against antique copper finish sanitary ware. In compliance with the client requirement of not seeing the water closet, the entire toilet was treated with wooden panels forming a seat with the water closet hidden underneath with openable panel.


Puja room: The room features a pedestal for the deity finished in marble with the storage below. Velvet embroidered fabric with traditional motif forms the background for the temple. The flooring has been finished with cream-colored tiles with brass square inlays in the floor and walls in line with the design philosophy of traditional look within in the minimalistic layout.


Design elements:

Apart from the careful placing of the décor elements finished with raw materials like concrete and jute for the rustic look, special emphasis has been paid on highlighting vertical surfaces like the doors.

The door detail has been specially worked out to house a colorful embroidered fabric with intricate pattern adding to the visual display of art in the house blending it seamlessly with the modern layout to create a unique contemporary home experience.





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  • Great work, have you done any such project with Rajasthan or mp pls share link and details as interested in getting my house done up thanks

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