Office Space that Integrates Visual Vibrancy and Spatial Harmony | Roaish Architecture + Design

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Triveni Global Pvt Ltd, our clients had an obvious perspective from day 0 of the project. They wanted a highly functional commercial office space to house their administrative and executive staff. Since they deal with the manufacturing of chemicals to treat water and paper, their logo colors – orange and blue were in the mandate for us to use. The clients wanted a reception space, two Managing director’s cabins, a 10-seater conference room, a 6-seater meeting room, 8 private cabins, and a set of 20 workstations.

Office Space that Integrates Visual Vibrancy and Spatial Harmony | Roaish Architecture + Design

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As the design was very functionally driven, we understood the requirements of the users of the space and gave them a designed and thought a solution. We have also placed plants here and there as they are said to increase the productivity of the office space by 15%. The general feedback we received was that we improved the way their work ethic was by the furniture design and design of the space through functionality and proximity.

The 10-seater conference room had a marble look alike tile mounted onto the wall which was also used as the writing board. The storage units across the office space have an orange edge band detail along with the beach wood color laminate and this catered to the logo color becoming a subtle detail across the floor plate. Lighting up the space was a crucial point when it came to designing it. We wanted to maintain different light levels in specific parts of the floor plate. The reception has more ambient light and the task lighting is specific to the function. The overall look and feel of the space scream minimal yet colorful and vibrant.

The concept was subtly incorporating what they do mix with their logo colors. They deal with the manufacturing of chemicals to treat water and paper. Water being an important word here, we took that as a point of ideation for the waves of the ocean which are an ombre effect of blue. We incorporated it into the aisle that connects two ends of the office space with a gradation of the color blue across the partitions making it look like a wave of water.

This is what we would consider the USP when it comes to the aesthetic quality of the space. Otherwise, it’s the efficient planning of the floor plate with the vast requirements and still making it look spacious would be the ultimate USP.

The MD’s cabin was specific to his taste in the teak wood finish, with his love for elements we have a customized periodic table on the wall. An open storage unit was designed to adhere to his requirements. A lounge area was put together to make the space complete.

The aisle on the first floor that has the cabins flanked on either side, is an ombre effect of blue colors – to bring about a wave-like feeling of water on the partitions that conceal the electrical wiring vertically.

The dark grey ceiling brings about a more enormous feeling of height by enhancing the wall colors and making it appear as one uniform floor plate in spite of the multiple functions it houses.

When it came to art, the client and we were on the same page. We went for geometric shapes that inspired us the minute we saw them. They had mostly solid colors and forms that showed a hint of uniformity across the walls of the office space. The art procured for the project was from one source that we instantly fell in love with.

The space ambiance was created keeping in mind the core concept – usage of the logo colors – blue and orange. The colors brought about a calming feeling which is what the clients expected. We actually have used 6 different shades of the color blue across the entire office and 10 shades of paint in the total project.

Fact File

Designed by: Roaish Architecture + Design

Project Type: Office Interior Design

Project Name: Triveni Global Office

Location: RK Salai, Chennai

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project: 45 Days

Project Size: 2100 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 55 Lac

Principal Architect: Aishwarya Krish

Team Design Credits: Roshini C, Mahalakshmi S & Vaishnavi S.

Consultants for the Project

Project Managers and Contractors: Orange Elephant Interiors

Photograph Courtesy: Phosart Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: Roaish Architecture + Design

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