Can I Use a Portable Generator for Home?

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A common question “can I use a portable generator for home?” strikes us all when suddenly we face a power outage and consequently, all our activities come to a halt. During such helpless situations, many of us realise how much we are dependent on electricity. From smartphones, and laptops, to fridges, the appliances that make our lives convenient are powered by electricity. So, without it, we can be in a mess.

However, yes, the best portable generators for home can bring us major relief and can save us from great discomfort. Since many are sceptical and not aware that whether a portable generator can power heavy-duty appliances that we use every day, here we have discussed the entire process to help you understand why it is one of the best options you can have.

Here are some of the steps that you must consider before buying a portable generator for your home.

Buy the Best Portable Generator for Home


If you are a resident of an area where power cuts often bring your life to a standstill, it is time that you consider buying a portable generator for your home. It will help you to save food from getting rotten, complete important assignments and more. However, for all these benefits and more you must not waste your money on a cheap portable generator, what you must do is pick the best portable generator for your home. One that is specifically made for households and can power most of the appliances, if not all.

Advanced portable generators that are designed for homes are equipped with excellent features so that you can safely power your household appliances. Hence, before buying a generator make sure it comes with these features.

  • Deliver the Required Power

Generators are sized based on the number of electrical watts they can deliver. Besides, the continuous and uninterrupted flow of energy, a generator must also, provide short bursts or surges of electric power, required to kickstart large appliances for instance fridges and dryers etc. However, portable generators come in smaller sizes yet with the help of advanced technologies they have huge capacity and can power appliances with heavy-duty devices. So make sure that when you are buying a portable generator for your home, it has convenient features that help household appliances to operate properly when powered by it.

  • Equipped with Advanced and Multiple Ports

Generally, a small portable generator may be suitable for running mid-sized appliances and lights and ideal for standard extension cords. However, in case your appliances have bigger requirements in terms of power, make sure the portable generator that you are buying is equipped with such requirements.

  • Type of Fuel it Uses

Portable generators run on various kinds of fuel such as diesel, petrol, propane, or gasoline. However, generally, the inexpensive portable generators run on gasoline and have a minimum storage capacity. Choose a generator model that has a higher capacity and one that can supply power for a prolonged period of time. While purchasing a portable you must also ensure that it is not damaging the planet with harmful emissions. Thus, you can consider buying a solar portable generator for your home that can directly convert sunlight into electricity and power your devices for an extended period and that too free of cost. Moreover, on overcast days you can recharge them using EV or electrical vehicle stations besides grids.

  • Operation Method

While operating a traditional generator you are required to yank a rope to kickstart the operation. Such generators require manual operations. However, thanks to modern technologies, operating a  portable generator nowadays has become easier. So, if you are planning to bring home a portable generator make sure to buy the one that can be automatically operated, and require less intervention and less maintenance.

  • Grounding Method

Earlier for ensuring safety,  generator models required to be grounded that is the device required to be connected to a rod that was driven inside the earth or connected to a metal water pipe. However, nowadays advanced, and modern generators do not require to be grounded. You should not still ignore when it comes to safety issues, and make sure to go through the user’s manual so that the model you select has all the safety features, such as short circuits, overload, over-current, and over-temperature protection.

How to Set Up a Portable Generator?

Unlike cheap or traditional portable generator models, the modern and smart portable generators for household use, especially the ones that use solar energy, do not involve a tedious setup method. These generators are specifically designed to power household appliances, plus setting them up is extremely easy. You recharge these models in more than one way, so even on overcast days, you can charge with the help of grid and electric vehicle charging stations. So make sure to invest only in the best portable generator for a home that is safe and convenient.

Before you buy a portable generator for your home make sure to start planning beforehand. In-depth research and a proper understanding of your needs can help you to land on the best model. Planning also helps to avoid getting misdirected and enables you to make the right decision.

Besides, you must also determine what appliances you want or need to power during a power outage so that you strictly know what kind of generator you are looking for. Start by making a list of the items you want to power, and check the data plate to determine how much wattage is required to run that item. Add the total running wattage of all appliances in your household and compare it with the generator wattage to determine the size of generator you will need to buy.

So, hopefully, now you know that the answer to your question is yes. Innovative technologies have not only made it convenient to live a normal life during the events of power cuts, but also you can now easily convert sunlight into electricity and power your home. Thus, neither you must yank a rope to kickstart a generator or bear the terrible noise, by only investing in a smart portable home generator you can now easily light up your house by switching it on.