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Office Interiors for Alpha Enterprises By Ar Sahil Tanveer and Swapna Neogi of Red Brick Design Studio

A Siemens Dealership in the middle of the business district in the northern part of Karnataka is transformed into an Office with a bright and energetic environment to uplift the spirits and improve the efficiency of the employees. The Concept of the Design evolved from connecting the dots and interspersed with the idea of a block-in-a-block, owing to the nature of the building in which this Office resides.

The Outside gives you a glimpse of the Inside as the Store room is designed as a block inserted into the longitudinal layout of the office. The inverted concept of glass walls and solid entries give a fresh approach to the place. The absence of visible handles on doors and shutters makes the interior materials to gel into each other.

A sculptural table next to a boxy facade awaits you in the Reception area. The entry to the storeroom remains hidden within the boxes. A humble powder room camouflaged in grey and black colored PU paint separates the workstations from the reception area. The reception backdrop is formed by a custom made a painting by the Architect depicting the growing aura of the owner’s vision and pinpointing the ground-zero where it all started.

The waiting bench also becomes a part of the outside fully keeping in line with the concept and becomes an extruded part of the facade.

A central block of wood and glass houses the Owner’s cabin which is again envisioned as an interconnected block, positioned in the center to have a visual connect with his employees and yet maintain a cordial distance. It has seating capacity for 5 and a screen for conferences. The Desk is covered with Poly-coat and the backdrop is a rich wallpaper that adds the color in the space.

A rustic floor tile covers the entire space including the powder room and its wall except for the Owner’s cabin that sports a Solid Wood flooring that establishes the elegance of the room and balances the industrial feel of the steel. Ambient lighting and motorized blinds in the cabin allows for the owner’s thinking patterns and his solitary routine. Ergonomic chairs further add to the productivity of the office.

Next to the Cabin are the dept heads having a desk each with their own printing capabilities and their own personal storage. Common storage surrounds them on the walls with the concept of the open and the closed flowing into each other. The Entire storage is finished in a core white laminate and no visible handles to keep the area clean and neat.

The Wooden texture lends the warmth in the entire office and becomes an integral part of the concept. A display wall with the yellow paint, another part of the color scheme, adorns the corner where there shall be no weight.

The hanging partitions made of steel, visually separate the workstations. Every workstation has storage seemingly disconnected from the desks and a writing glass and a pinup board continues the color mood of the place. Lines of light in the work area and the pathway direct us a full circle visually. Task lighting for every employee ensures a healthy and cheerful environment. Music emanates from the Bose speakers to keep the mood light and contributes to ease the long hours.

The seamless ceiling has been designed to allow the user to visualize the block-in-a-block idea compartmentalizing the entire space into three virtual elements, the ceiling, the floor and everything in-between. The floor to ceiling doors adds to this visual by eliminating the lintel and give a majestic feel to the entry passages.

The Powder room houses an end to end mirror and a basin and WC along with a quirky painting.

The storeroom has an inbuilt pantry with a coffee machine and a sink with extensive storage.

The Colour mood of the interiors is a mix of white and grey acting as a base, the wood texture lending warmth and with the yellow as an accent. Materials like Coloured PU, Poly-coat, Cement Finish Tiles, MS Fabrications, Textured Laminates, water-based paints, etc are used to enhance the space and technical details such as Aluminum framing for the doors, tension hinges, inbuilt handles, tip-on opening systems, etc are to make the interior user-friendly.


Project Title: Alpha Enterprises

Architectural Firm: Red Brick Design Studio

Location: Chamber of Commerce, Hubli, Karnataka

Client: Mr Manish Thakker

Completion date: Nov 2018

Area: 800 Sqft

Design Team: Ar Sahil Tanveer, Swapna Neogi.

Photos courtesy: Red Brick Design Studio



About Red Brick Design Studio:

Red Brick Design Studio is a bespoke Architecture and Interior Design practice engaging in creative, contemporary design on a wide range of projects in a niche context.

Its design concerns and problem-solving approach are primarily driven by the availability of local materials, the econo-cultural profile of the users and a need to create a design that inspires.

The creative works of the studio are situated across a wide range of topographies.

Their expertise includes Villas, Weekend Homes, Private Residences, Apartments, Penthouses, Offices, Retail Outlets, Storefronts, Hotels, and Restaurants.

Red Brick Design Studio provides the perfect ambiance for all scales of projects by having the flexibility of a small firm, in a niche local studio setting, with the international standards of a global practice.

The Firm is run by Architect Sahil Tanveer and Interior Designer Swapna Neogi who are partners in their social and professional lives.






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