Restoring Inclusiveness Through Workspaces is an Excerpt of this Office Space Design | Earthitects

Has workspace design observed a progressive shift in terms of human-centric design? Is it a change from usual built ways or is it more like an evolving conclusion of a narrative that a workplace builds, exclusive to users, designers and visitors? Bringing about a new array of perspectives, challenging the convention, restoring humanity and inclusiveness through workspaces is an excerpt of this co-wroking office design. Surviving through times of uncertainty, it has triggered the urge to retire to old-world practices, channeling nostalgia in different ways for humanizing design. Using reclaimed wood, eucalyptus wood, natural live edge wood, Earthitects-signature texture aesthete to thoughtfully placing no furniture on floor, which psychologically abstains from any spatial or interaction constraints. Such layout, material application and ergonomics not only boost flexibility, creativity and ease of interaction, also promotes conscious growth and awareness of not placing a software upgrade on the same pedestal as self-improvement. A rather holistic approach of conscious living, sustainable practices with upbeat ergonomics, human-centered office design. ~Yamini Vaswani (Editorial Team)

Restoring Inclusiveness Through Workspaces is an Excerpt of this Office Space Design | Earthitects

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Using local labor to fabricate almost every single piece of furniture in-house, we have crafted tables, seating, workstations and lighting–all from “wood which no one else wanted.” The design of the workspace follows organic curves rather than rigid lines and right angles, so it suffers little from the inevitable variations which occur in handmade craftsmanship. The building blocks are nature’s materials—much of the wood is live edge, procured from timber yards where it had been lying in the open for years, naturally weathered by the sun and rain. “The owners were happy to get rid of it.


AIR PODS The 2,400 square-feet is with a linear footprint is awash with natural light through the bank of windows on one side. “Promoting flexibility and interaction while still confined to one’s own space, the ceiling hung ‘Pods’ have their own controllable light and storage. They are also used as spaces to quickly jot or write down ideas or information. With focus on user engagement, the open workstations encourage collaboration and team spirit.” Sliding doors between cabins create expansive, multifunctional spaces during large meetings and interaction. The marketing spaces are open and interactive.

Inspiring a New Workspace Experience

Open and organic Workspace Promoting Efficiency and Engagement – Crafted from Natural Materials and keeping the environment in mind, every detail in the Workspace is customized for the user. The Marketing Space is open and interactive while the Sales space has hanging Natural Pods made from poles and Faux leather that promote user interaction as well as privacy. Pushing the limits of Innovation with Nature in every inch, our hanging Tables and pods are steady and can take a lot of loads. With attention to detail in every creation of ours, our people-centric workspace is filled with intricate details that showcases our keen eye for detailed design and innovation.

Bespoke Design customized as per the user. Natural Pods for our Sales team and Open Tables for our Marketing Team. The storage spaces are crafted with upcycled live edge wood while maintaining the wood’s authenticity. The lighting fixtures from the ceiling emanate light without the source being seen. The organic layout of the tables breaks the conventional planning of office spaces bringing a new dimension to Office Design.

The cabins are open with glass thus promoting an open and inclusive office environment. Manager’s Table with understated Faux leather, Poles and Wooden Legs – Designed and crafted by Earthitects

Within, there’s very little furniture on the floor. Most of it, including a row of “pods” are suspended from the ceiling, leaving the floor level free for the staff to stretch their feet while seated at a work station. “Since the space is also used as a sales office, they’re on the phone for many hours every day, so it made sense to offer the comfort of extra legroom. “The CPUs are placed behind the monitors, the low decibel white noise which they generate serving to mask conversations at adjacent work stations.”

Meet and Greet Space – A mulitfunctional space for Large or Small Meetings with a Hanging table innovated and crafted by Earthitects.  The Meet and Greet is perfect for both Small and Large meetings due to the design of the Seating.

We subscribed to Defensive Design, the practice of planning for contingencies in the design stage of a project or undertaking. This reduces human error and other risks by anticipating them and designing them out, including influencing behaviour through design. “The design of the entire office is based on productivity. In the cafeteria, for instance, the seating is not ultra-comfortable.” Similarly, in meeting areas where someone may realize a long meeting is not reaching any conclusion, the concrete seater enables a quick, graceful exit by the user.

Detail of our Concealed Lighting. All light fixtures used in the space are crafted from Eucalyptus poles following the organic architecture.  The details are in such a way that the source of the light is not visible to the eye. Soft and Warm Ambient and task lights help in creating a soothing environment that calms the mind and is not too harsh on the eye facilitating the wellness of the mind and body. Our signature textured walls contrast the warmth of the wood all around.

Cafeteria with Waste wood and flooring inspired by the Cow Dung flooring pattern in traditional villages. Textured white walls complement the wood and organic openings in the space.

In the circulation spaces, the flooring bears a pattern reminiscent of cow dung whorls used as a finishing treatment for surfaces in village construction. Under the workstations, the ridges in the pattern would have hindered movement of the wheels on the chairs…but in corridors and the cafeteria, we get by without it causing an issue.

We have designed an office in line with the vision and beliefs that we share with Evolve Back, to make a comfortable shared workspace. “This office is like a part of the resorts offered by Evolve Back. There is a merging of values”. The upcycling of materials, going back to roots—this is what we are about. The design of this space communicates the very philosophy of the brand.”

Earthitects’ creative space with upcycled live edge wood which had been discarded, to be used as firewood. This is where the architects design their creations, the Eucalyptus poles in the ceiling concealing the source of light to cast a soft ambient light in the workspace. The task light is concealed in the live edge wooden poles that are hung from the ceiling. “I did a stint with a lighting company after I studied architecture. I noticed that a great deal of effort goes into concealing the source of the light. International brands have great engineering, and their fittings can double for art or sculpture. I’ve tried to replicate that effect with local materials,” -Ar. George E. Ramapuram.

Fact File

Designed By: Earthitects

Typology: Office Architecture and Design

Project Name: Earthitects & Evolve Back Workspace

Size: 2400 sq.ft.

Location: Bengaluru

Principal Architect: George E. Ramapuram

Photography Credits: Arjun Krishna

Firm’s Website Link: Earthitects

Firm’s Facebook Link: Earthitects

Firm’s Instagram Link: Earthitects

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