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Neutral Color  Residence Interior With A Lavish Feel Designer’s Circle

“A contemporary style of decorating is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines.”

The design was meant to keep up with trends and comfort that a modern family and house requires. The design style followed here is ‘Contemporary’ Interiors. Unlike other styles that are usually devoted to a particular look, time, and spirit, contemporary style refers to the styles gaining traction today.

Designer: Designer’s Circle

The home was designed for a well to do family settled in Ahmedabad. They were easy-going with design choices but aspired for an easy to maintain home, and similar fabric selection. We wanted to design a light and everyday friendly home cause of the bustling life that a businessman can have. Considering the luxuries they would require on a daily basis, the house is incorporated with such materials and design concept that keeps it in trend and feels welcoming to the family, friends and probable business friends.

Standout feature:

You can’t experience what you can’t see and in order to see you need light. Lighting is often neglected in a space. I would like to draw attention to the lighting as a part of the decor. The light fixture used in every room has a character of its own and uplifts the entire look of each room. Each fixture is unique and more often than not is the protagonist of the space. It has the ability to make the same room, the same furniture feels a different way just by changing the color and temperature of the lights used.

Tour of the house:

contemporary style of decorating is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture, and clean lines. The house is planned through an elevated entrance, looking into a vestibule highlighted by the hip monkey – console lit by the pendants dropped over it.

The vestibule directs us towards the Drawing, Living and Dining areas. The areas are brought together with this heavy banded ceiling kept subtle with the color. The areas are kept neutral in colors and highlighted through artifacts and decorative lights. The wall lamp creates a dramatic effect in the drawing-room.

Whilst in the dining area, the dining chair is a complete win-win with its metal feature and color pop. The areas lead us to our parent’s bedroom. The parent’s bedroom is preferably always planned on the ground floor for ease of circulation of the elderly. The room is compact in size as compared to the whole house and hence is kept light in furniture and the primary motive was to have the needs full-filled. The other way from the dining takes us to the kitchen and the staircase takes us up way. The kitchen is designed as per the client’s daily needs and requirements, and neutral to keep it as clean as possible, visibly. The area is attached to a wash yard and outside kitchen.

Moving upwards, through the marble cladding steps, we enter a lobby highlighted by an inverse color palette. The area is kept dark as compared to the whole house. The lobby has a seating area, a study table, and an entertainment center. The feature highlighted here is the wall lamp and the unique Marilyn Monroe painting. The area takes us either way to the next two bedrooms of the house. That’s the Master and Son’s Bedroom.

The master bedroom is backed by a beautifully curated painting and arched lamps dropping over the sides of the bed. The curved ceiling with wooden Patti and the canopy bed balance the rooms’ design.

The son’s room is highlighted in half n half teal-taupe combination. Again, as seen in other rooms, the light brings out a great edge to the room. Moving further up, The upper lobby is subtly stimulated with paintings over the wall. The area takes us towards the last bedroom of the house, which is the guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom has lit back with sharp lights on the side. The furniture here is again kept in trend by adding indirect lighting through its back.  The other side of the lobby takes us to the terrace that is kept as per the client’s requirements.

Further down, we have a home theatre in the basement. The home theatre is made soundproof and has completed the acoustic needs through the overall paneling. As we enter the room, we can see a clear pop at the end lining of the room. The sofa is curetted for comfort and fun whilst you have your movies on with a bucket full of popcorn.  The utility area overall the home, especially the bathrooms too, are crafted with equal design and effort keeping in mind the basic needs and storage that one would require.

Interesting Room:

We believe the room that stands out in this project is the union of form and aesthetic as seen in Son’s bedroom. Upon entering the room you feel a sense of calm and familiarity that instantly lightens your mood. The inspiration for this room comes from an amalgamation of different styles of architecture and design. This design is the result of a very well calculated and curated elements from the contemporary, modern and art deco interior design styles. The room has a sophisticated and lavish feel as a result of neutral tones on the flooring, walls, doors and the ceiling and a dash of ebullience brought in by adequate use of color, giving the entire room a classy edge. This bedroom is luxurious and comfortable in equal parts.

Décor Aesthetic and Reasoning:

As mentioned earlier, we believe the decorative lights of the house stole the show. They create dramatic effects in every room, making it all stand out in between that neutral palette. As we go through each area, we notice subtle color pops bringing out a little life to every neutral area. As we enter we see the quirky monkey console which In itself creates a playful ambiance for the house. There are some features that make a house, a home, and these artifacts play a major role in that. Every drop by these lights creates a warmth of home. The artifacts personalize areas in a way no other interior element can.


Interior Design Firm: Designer’s Circle

Project: Sky City, 5BHK Bungalow

Location: Ahmedabad.

Size: 375 sqm (190 sqm – Built-up Area)

quotes credited:  Ar. Rajesh Sheth & Team

Photo Credits: Inclined Studio




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