The kitchen is one of the most used areas of your house. It is a lot like a workshop, but for making food. Because of constant cutting, chopping, washing, and cooking, it gets worn quickly and needs to get an upgrade sooner than the rest of the house.

You can update your kitchen on a budget quickly, but if you have some extra cash, this isn’t the place to cut corners. You can entirely refurbish your kitchen by following a few simple guidelines. The interior design, placement of the wall mount hood, windows, and furnishings all play a significant influence in the appearance of the kitchen, just as they do in any other room in the house. Because minimalism is in trend, overdoing it and stuffing the area with appliances will only result in an overcrowded appearance. The goal is to make the room feel pleasant, airy, well-lit, and inviting to its occupants while also providing a cooling impact.

  1. 1.Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets

One of the essential features of the kitchen is elegantly designed kitchen cabinets. Not only they add aesthetic value to the kitchen, but it provides you with storage and utility needs. Those white-colored cabinets are a thing of the past. Nowadays, people are opting for modern grey kitchen cabinets to add value to their kitchen.

Furthermore, you can add roll-out shelving in your cabinets to have easy access to your spices and dishes. You can also add two-tier racks to put the everyday use cups, glasses, bowls, and plates. These racks can be brightly colored or multicolored and look cute against the white walls. A well-organized kitchen with a proper place for all the things gives and a neat and clean look, and neatness dramatically adds to the ambiance of any room.

  1. 2.Paint

Dirty walls are a sore sight. So are odd colors on the walls. Colors belonging to the blue or brown family will only make your kitchen walls resemble that of a hospital’s waiting area. Kitchen walls should be in a monotone color, like off white or pure white. That gives you a lot of room. Fill it with bright colors as all of them will pop against a white background.

All in all, the kitchen paint should sync well with the whole house. You cant paint the kitchen walls with contrasting colors as compared to the rest of your home. If possible, get professional advice on what colors to paint in your kitchen.

  1. 3.Upgrading the Kitchen Floors

Some people simply do not give the floors their due importance in the impression of a room. The kitchen floor suffers the most. Something is always getting spilled, leaving stains, and marks all over. Flooring matters, and it should be given a lot of thought. The kitchen with earth color tiles will look beautiful and also hide small stains and spills and will be easy to mop. Checkered tiles are for washrooms and children playing mats, not for kitchen’s floor, hence don’t opt for that. Do not pick tiles that have grooves in them or have an uneven surface. Things will get stuck in the groves and corners, and you will have a forever unclean looking floor. Opt for smooth, earth tones tiles which are easy to clean, white is a big no, as even the smallest speck of dust will stand out on them, and black will drink up all the stains and spills, and you don’t want that either. Match the kitchen floor with the theme of the house to keep it aesthetically pleasing.

  1. 4.Lighting

The kitchen is the place where you cook food for yourself or your family. There is a lot of chopping, cutting, and washing to do; hence it needs to be a well-lit room. While renovating a kitchen, make sure to add a window, if there wasn’t one before. Many new kitchen designs now come with recess lighting. These lights are installed under the cabinets, on top of the counters, or the cooking range. Hence lighting up spaces that are dark because of furnishing. Having a well-lit kitchen looks beautiful and breathable space and will make you spend more time in there.

  1. 5.Latest Appliances

Everyone loves a kitchen filled with big beautiful appliances. Having a six-burner cooking range coupled with an oven, a two-door refrigerator, a first-class microwave, and dishwasher all look good, but they are not usually practical or possible for your kitchen design or size. Don’t buy appliances on a whim or because you like them, buy them if you cook a lot, have to store a lot of food in the fridge and most importantly if you have the space for them. Do not mess up your plumbing and electricity wiring to cater to the appliances, and it actually will convert the renovation into reconstruction, you will run into a lot of problems. You might end up doing a lot more work than you had initially predicted. Plan the kitchen space according to the most necessary and used appliances. Attach the appliances to the available circuits and plumbing. Machines do add to the ambiance, but if they are not useful and forcefully adjusted, they just become burdensome in the long run. Not only this, but they are expensive, as well. So do think before buying any kitchen equipment and appliance. Ask yourself before buying if it’s necessary, and you will use it daily.


Renovation gives you a chance to do all the things you have over the years thought you should have in your house. So before starting the construction and remodeling, have a proper plan in place. Survey the market and check the cost of the relevant material and things you want to install in your kitchen. That will give you an estimate of what it will cost you and provide a perspective if it is worth it, or you have to wait a little more to save up. Focus on making the kitchen a spacious room, where you will enjoy spending your time.

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