Neat And Timeless Residential Apartment Design | Dhyey Chag Architects

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Neat And Timeless Residential Apartment Design | Dhyey Chag Architects

keeping in mind the requirements of client we decided to have exposed brick and exposed concrete in the facade which would look timeless. 

When we had to design this project the client came with very basic requirements, they wanted the building to look neat and timeless. The project has 3 bhk apartments and 4 bhk Penthouse apartments with private terraces. Also, they had a requirement that along with the private terrace for penthouses they needed a common terrace for the other users as well.

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So keeping in mind the requirements of the client we decided to have exposed brick and exposed concrete in the facade which would look timeless.

Talking about the interiors the main task was to design the common development of the project and the clubhouse. We have used a subtle palette to design the entrance wherein the walls are painted with the stucco. The tiles that we used in the flooring of the foyer has a geometric design on it which we used as a piece of the motif on the glass wall of the foyer.

We have designed and customized a wall art mural for the foyer using para metrics. Coming up to the amenities area, we wanted it to be playful along with a sense of coziness, so we had blue and grey in our palette. Wood adding texture to it and greens soothes the eyes. The gym is planned in a way where one can have a view to the greens while working out, the greens would attract one to do the workout and it soothes the eyes and the heart.

Talking about the Landscape, we wanted it to overpower the architecture and interior. There are two small gardens at the entrance of the project and a garden at the back. There are potted plants on the front facade which adds to the beauty of the building. The main attraction of the whole project is the terrace garden on the top, as specified by the clients we had to utilize the common terrace in the best manner possible and in the city like Ahmedabad where there are high temperatures in summers, greens are the best solution to it. The Frangipani on the corners would be the most admirable plant as it grows. Also, we have planted different varieties of palms like Bismarckia palm, veitchia palm, phoenix palm as they can resist heat and best for a climate like Ahmedabad.

Also, the Terminalia mantaly is planted which makes one feel the presence of a terrace garden from far. The hardscape is designed in a playful manner where the pergolas become the mediator for the transition between the closed space to the open space. There is a small yoga deck in the corner of the terrace, where one can have fresh air along with the beautiful landscape.

The use of cobalt stone and kadappa stone adds beauty to the hardscape. The duct under the pergolas is taken care of with the play of lighting, where space acts as the Light-emitting cube and it becomes a piece of beauty. To end with the design story I would like to add that in this project we have taken care of the issues keeping in mind the character of the space and we have played with the landscape, materials, and light, also being an apartment project we have designed the things keeping in mind client’s budget.


Architectural Firm:- Dhyey Chag Architects

Principal Architect:- Dhyey Chag

Photography:- Photographix India (Phx India)

Location:- Ahmedabad

Completion:- December 2019

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