Circular Saw for home improvement: Types & Uses

Your job of maintaining your home becomes much easier with the right selection of tools. Tools like Hammer, Screwdrivers, Adjustable Wrench, Utility Knife, Putty Knife, Handsaw, Pliers, Measure Tape, Flashlight, Hardware, Duct Tape, painter’s Tape, Electrical Tape, Toolbox are much basic whereas tools like Drill, Level, Stud Finder, Adjustable Pliers, Circular Saw etc are needed for advanced job apart from safety gear like gloves, goggles, mask etc.

Power saws are widely used machine tools with varied types and categories. Primarily, there are three types of power saw based on its blade: Power saw with a rotating blade, power saw with reciprocating blade, power saw with circulating blade.

It offers more portability than most of the other type of power saw as it requires less space and can fit anywhere. It is used for both professional as well as DIY workshops. Its main purpose is cutting wood and other soft materials (with appropriate blades it can also be used to cut metal and other hard surfaces). Its working principle is quite opposite to the table saw. It can be used even on a longitudinal piece of wood where the table saw can be used. Though there is an issue with precision if straight edges or guide rails are not priorly set.

Different Types of Circular Saws & Their Uses

Worm Drive Circular Saws

Its motor is mounted on the saw’s back making it a more long and thin than other sidewinders. It is easier to use it in wider boards. It gives you a better line of sight with its arrangement while cutting. It is one of the most durable best circular saw.

Sidewinder (In-Line) Circular Saws

This is more compact, lightweight and runs faster than worm drive circular saw because the motor is aligned with the blade.

Hypoid Circular Saws

This type of saw has hypoid gear and thus are called hypoid saw. Spiral gear is mounted at the right angle with the axis of the wheel. Thus, it is more powerful and efficient.Also, it has a better sightline as worm drive circular saw. It is used for cutting wet pieces of wood because of its torque.

Abrasive Saws

It is used to cut hard materials. It cuts with composite friction and not teeth. Unless it is equipped with diamond or boron nitride it wears out rapidly. It is used in the table for cutting metal and tile, and freehand for cutting concrete, pipe, asphalt, etc. While cutting metal sheets it produces heat making it harder to cut because of the expansion of both the materials.

Biscuit Joiners

It is used to join wooden pieces without marks or visible nail holes. It cut a slit on both boards at the same position so that it can be paired or joined. Once cut it is filled with wood glue with the insertion of biscuit on one side and second board is lined up. It is then clamped to dry and bond better.

Carbide Circular Saws

Its teeth are made up of cemented carbide. It is used for cutting rigid materials. It can slide to cut vertically (used to cut stacked item together), horizontally (blade mounted on the gearbox), or on a pivot (used to cut tubes) depending on your needs.

Concrete Circ Saws / Grinders

It is used for cutting solid materials. Motor use fuel or electricity, pressurized or hydraulic. It can use varied types of blade depending upon the material to be cut, and if it requires water or not. Its speed determines the life of blade faster it runs less the life of the blade.

Flip-over Saws

This saw can be used as a table saw and mitre saw (crosscuts at a precise angle)both. It is much compact and can cut by handling all the multitudes.

Metal Cutting Circular Saws

Any circular blade can cut metal but this is designed to protect from sparks and shards giving better quality and usability while cutting metals. Thus, it is slower than most of the other type of saw.

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