• Multitude of Design Details and Décor Accents Enliven this Modern Design Apartment | U and I Designs

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    Multitude of textures, colors, forms, design details, décor accents enliven this compact apartment. Sensible, sensitive and systematic arrangement of influential modern design of every element in this floor space is a captivating feature. Ample sunlight emphasizes shades and shadows – the ever changing elements in ratio with the constant ones. ~Yamini Vaswani

    Multitude of Design Details and Décor Accents Enliven this Modern Design Apartment | U and I Designs

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    We believe that when the design takes it course, we should trust its flow. And here we had the clients who believed in just the same and let us design in a seamless flow – giving us the creative freedom, stepping up only for their functional specifics and allowing us to take the lead in every aspect including the décor.

    The foyer in this home is compact entryway that led into the living. With the obvious client needs of having a storage space, we faced the challenge of making the storage cabinet work, while keeping the space light and free. With all practical considerations, we designed a sleek pull down shoe cabinet with drawers to serve functionally. A great
    highlight was the terrazzo countertop with neutral toned chips. It elevated the entire look super seamlessly.

    Walking straight into the living, one would notice how neatly the whole space is laid out. We opted for spare elegance by keeping the color palette completely neutral.

    A custom couch wrapped in a greige tone fabric sits along the textured wall. To further keep the soft tones intact, we custom designed the arm chairs in American ash wood To upholster these armchairs, we again customized even the splendid striped fabric, subtly adding patterns to break away from the monotony. A simple wall installation added the right pop of colors, to bring in a gracefulness to the space. The addition of the marble in the media unit with gorgeous, delicate red veins imparted so much character to the unit. This space is a mood in itself.

    The dining area was a petite corner outside of the kitchen. In order to maximize the walkway space, we decided to flush mount the dining bench along the walls to form a corner dining situation. However comfort was an appending factor and to do so, we accessorized the bench with a floating back cushion suspended on a customized metal rail. To add some quirk, we chose contrasting fabrics of a gorgeous tan tone with a neutral ikat embroidered fabric and this combination brought about so much grace to the whole set up. A sleek sideboard unit topped with terrazzo, vintage knobs and hand carved accent legs made this space complete. This almost felt like a retro addition to the otherwise modern space and we love the edginess.

    The kitchen is a two toned beauty where we arched out the entryway in soft curved that bring in elegance. Being in full view of the living we decided to color it up in the prettiest powder blue, balancing the same with vanilla whites. The base cabinet shutters have extremely delicate details which make up a graphic sight and to perk it up we chose delineated patterns for the backsplash, the result – a relaxed yet merry vibe. On the other side we pulled out the good old granite slab into an extension and supported that with stupendously detailed hand carved legs. Dunked in black, these pillars layered like an absolute sight against the pale blue backdrop, making every curve feel oh-so-sublime.

    The master bedroom is a peaceful sanctuary. The clients wanted the room to feel relaxed and restful and hence we dressed this space in neutrals, highlighting the headboard wall in the most tender green texture. An oversized headboard framed in wood, upholstered in a dusky gray fabric set the mood. The entire bed section felt very put together with tone on tone quilted linen and a grounding rug adding coziness to the space. The other side of the room was designed to serve functionally, where we resorted to clean, simple furniture, making the room feel lighter. The dresser was an unconventional take on the vanity. A console with a combination of shutters, drawers and shelves, we outlined it with duco-ed black pillars, standing tall and making a statement. A full sized mirror framed in black completed this space.

    The second room is a multifunctional cozy retreat. Designed to serve as a study as well as guest bedroom, this room harbors a sofa cum bed with of course a study desk and storage. Bathed in warm wood and neutral tones to keep it light on the eye, we planned the space to fit both the purposes.

    Fact File

    Designed By: U and I Designs

    Typology: Residence Interior Design

    Project Name: The Modern Scandinavian Home

    Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

    Size: 1170 sq.ft.

    Principal Designers: Aniketh Bafna and Sonal Mutha

    Built: 2021

    Project Cost Appx: 26 Lac

    Photography Credits: PHX India

    Firm’s Website Link: U and I Designs

    Firm’s Instagram Link: U and I Designs

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