• Here’s Why It’s a Great Idea to Buy LED Lights for Your Home This New Year!

    LED lights have replaced the conventional lighting solutions for a variety of reasons. Some of the most notable ones are – longer lifespans, reduced power consumption, and minimal maintenance requirements. A large number of homes have already made the transition and the ones who haven’t should do so soon, given the benefits that these LED lights for homes offer over conventional lighting solutions. Continuing the discussion forward, in this post, we list a few key benefits of LED lights that will compel you to consider taking the plunge. Let’s get started.

    1.     They are energy-efficient.

    LED lights for homes use around 40-50 percent less power as compared to conventional lights such as incandescent, fluorescents, and halogens. This means LEDs help in substantial energy cost savings, especially in scenarios where the lights are kept on for extended periods. Also, unlike conventional bulbs that emit light in all directions which in turn leads to wastage, the LED lights have directional light capability which helps avoid any wastage. If you are looking for an energy-efficient LED you can go with the Luminous Smart Switch Batten that comes with an aluminum body to allow better heat dissipation.

    2.     They come with longer lifespans.

    Unlike conventional lights that ‘burn out’ or break-down, LED bulbs simply dim with time. LED lights last 6 to 12 years before they need replacement. The average lifespan of an LED light is far superior as compared to conventional lights. Depending on how you use an LED light, its average life may vary anywhere between 25,000 hours-life to 50,000 hours-life. In some scenarios, the same may go up to 100,000 hours-life, too. Here’s a table to give a quick overview of the average lifespan of an LED as compared to other lighting solutions.

     Average Rated Lifetime Hours
    Lighting SolutionGLSHIDCFLFTLLED
    Lifespan (in hours-life)12005000-150005000-100005000-1800025000-100000

    3. They provide high brightness and intensity.

    LEDs when compared to conventional lights are capable of emitting high levels of bright light. Also, remember that brightness is measured in Lumens and not in watts. In fact, when comparing two or more light sources on the basis of their brightness, you should compare bulbs with the same wattage to get a better idea. For example, if we compare three types of bulbs (incandescent, CFL, and LED) with each being a 40-watt bulb, you would find that the brightness they emit varies considerably. Here’s a chart to give you an idea.

     Brightness of 40 Watt Bulbs

    4. They offer a wide range of colors and shades.

    Unlike incandescents that use gels or filters to emit different light colors and shades, the LEDs offer a wide range of color temperatures and shades using diodes. The benefit of using diodes over gels or filters is that they do not burn or face out with time, whereas the gels and filters do. It means you can rest assured that your LED bulb will continue to emit the same color and shade throughout its lifespan.

    5.  They are best suited for cold temperature operations.

    A major benefit of using LEDs over conventional ones such as fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs is that LEDs can perform great in cold temperature conditions. That’s because, unlike conventional lighting solutions that require higher voltages, in order to start, LEDs do not require higher voltages. In fact, LEDs are said to perform better in cold temperature conditions. This makes LEDs a great fit for applications such as cold storages, freezers, and others where temperatures are substantially low. Also, that’s the reason LEDs are preferred in outdoor applications such as signages, parking lots and building perimeters.

    6. They come with an instant-on feature. 

    Have you noticed how CFLs and HID lamps take some time to emit full bright light after they are switched on? This, however, is not the case with LED lights. The LED lights emit 100 percent bright light, the moment they are switched on. This instant-on feature of LED lights makes it an ideal fit for applications that require lights to instantly come back on immediately after a power cut. Similarly, residential property owners may install LED lights in their homes or spaces such as garages so that the LED instantly comes on with full brightness during wee hours or dusk. 

    Looking for a good LED light for home?

    Simply buying an LED light is not enough. You also need to make sure that the light you buy is from a reputable brand as it ensures quality. One such brand that you can consider for buying an LED light is Luminous India. They are one of the most reputable LED lighting solutions brands in India and they offer a wide array of LED light types ranging from LED lamps to LED battens to LED concealed lights to LED spotlights, and more. So what are you waiting for? Bring home a LED light and give it a whole new look, today!

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