Top Radiator Colours And Styles Of 2022


Your home is your haven and should always feel like a welcoming place to come back to for you and your family. Being able to heat your home effectively is essential and being able to do this in a way that adds to the style and aesthetic of your home is a bonus. With coloured column radiators in the UK becoming more popular in the modern home, you can add some personal flair into any room. Here are the top radiator styles and colours we think will be popular in 2022.

Traditional with a modern twist

Column radiators are beautifully designed, traditional, and crafted with care. They are made up of hollow tubes of steel, the number of tubes columns depending on how big the room you need to heat is. They can fit in perfectly both physically and aesthetically to a modern or traditional home. They have a vintage look that would not be out of place in a period property or in a modern home. You can even pick a radiator in a unique colour to match the room it will be heating. Looks aside, column radiators offer a high heat output and are a great option when it comes to heating large rooms or rooms with high ceilings.

All-natural colours

In 2022, it is said that we are beginning to opt for more natural tones when decorating our homes, especially our bathrooms. As we try to bring the outdoors indoors, you can choose a radiator to suit this theme. If you’re going for neutral or earthy tones, why not choose a column radiator for maximum heat output, that comes with a range of colours to suit your needs? Long gone are the days that you must style your room around your traditional, white radiator. Add a dash of colour and create a talking point in any room with your own colourful radiator. You could choose a more muted, soft blue to bring about a calming atmosphere, or warm colours to enhance that cosy feeling we all crave.

Chrome for visual impact

If you’re going for high-impact and visually pleasing, a chrome radiator is a perfect choice. These modern radiators can help to add some modernity to any room with their shiny, almost futuristic-looking designs. Chrome radiators are a great option for kitchens or to be used as a towel rail in the bathroom. You can opt for a compact radiator to suit the space you have available or choose a tall, impressive piece and make it a feature within the room. If shiny and stand-out isn’t your thing, a brushed chrome finish is also available for a more muted style but still has an impact. They are stylish, sleek, and modern, and you can be sure to make a statement with one of these radiators.

Rounded radiators for elegance

Elegance at its finest. If you’re looking for a classy addition to your home, a radiator with rounded tubes is a great option. These radiators are becoming more popular in modern homes. This tubular style is a welcome addition to a bathroom or kitchen. You could choose to add a dash of colour or keep it minimalistic, but one thing is for certain, it is never style over substance with tubular radiators. They can heat rooms efficiently and are able to make a visual statement.