• Episode – Coffee Lounge Interior | Ground zero

    Episode – Coffee Lounge Interior | Ground zero

    Located amid the hustle-bustle of the city, the site being on the terrace floor has an area of 2400 sq ft. The essence of design lies in luring the user back into its embrace again and again to experience the calming effect of the space provided.

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    As one enters through the arched gateway, the chevron pattern created in the flooring guides the visitor towards the beverage counter. Walking across the trail of flooring, space unfolds a modern interplay where glass, wood, and exposed concrete create a game between the open and closed. As one reaches the counter, the open-fronted and integrated displays have been arranged. The linearity of the counter has been broken by protruding a cuboid played in the warm hue of red. To achieve the uniformity in the design, the niches behind the counter have been carved out in arch geometry. A profile runs along the periphery of the counteracting as a sleek canopy.

    As space is enveloped by glass on three sides, we have introduced the metal screening and greenery for privacy. Beams of light come through the glass facades, resembling the rays of sun peeking through the plantation on the periphery resulting in an enchanted atmosphere. The interior is subtly divided into different zones, each characterized by its own type of seating, but all unified by the material palette and design specifics.

    The vestibule has been defined by interlocking planter boxes, one in wooden finish and the other in rustic concrete. A bespoke formal seating abuts an edge of the space. Here the wine shade has been played in the cushioning which compliments the wooden finished tabletops. A totally different vibe has been introduced on the opposite side of the venue. Here, the high seating is cocooned in a wooden box with ceiling cladded in greenery concealing the services and also creating a cozy corner.

    Just a couple of steps from the counter, the lounges have been introduced which interlocks the indoor and outdoor thereby blurring the threshold. The low height lounge seating has been deliberately designed so that it doesn’t hinder the visual connectivity of the interior and the terrace. The steps of the seating also serve as the plinth for the terrace.

    The terrace has been played in aggregates and turf which serves as a platform for people to perform and interact. The spaces designed aims at creating comfort even for people alone. Lights have been designed considering the exposed ac ducts where the beauty of simplicity is captured in uncluttered lines.

    Be it for a cup of coffee or for a meeting, the place is sure to grow as per the requirements of the visitor. Circulation with its counterpart-division adds richness and variety to the way one experiences this space. The transition of levels is subtle and rendered by a feeling of ease. Lack of obstruction; clear access and simplicity of detailing are the strategies employed and thus the spaces work as an interlinked sequence, rather than as separate self-contained corners. In a nutshell, the coffee lounge can be best described as a composition in subtle tones of grey, wood and a vibrant shade of wine that creates an enchanting EPISODE in people’s life.


    Firm: Ground zero

    Project Name: Episode – Coffee Lounge

    Location: Surat, Gujarat

    Principal Designers: Sagar Rathod, Mansi Rathod, and Ritika Uttamchandani

    Area: 2400 sq ft

    Photography: Mohneesh Vidhani &  Dishank Shah


    Ground Zero is a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design firm based in Surat, India. Sagar Rathod, Mansi Rathod, and Ritika Uttamchandani are the Joint Principal Architects of Ground Zero.

    The positivity that engulfs the space comes from its simplicity in form and the restrained use of materials. Our design approach is to create spaces where light, air, and landscape are so profoundly connected to each other that it is difficult to conceive one without the other. Careful space organization, establishing a close link with nature, retaining the natural character of the site and simplicity in detailing are the driving factors of our design along with a quest to constantly explore and evolve. We make spaces simple, but significant


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