Minimalist Workspace Design that Reflects Uniformity & Progressiveness | Aakaar Interior

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Bhavya Ecopack a doyen in the field of packaging industry when decided to get revamp their workspace design to stand as a testimony of their efforts in their field they got Aakaar Interior as a premier firm in Surat to handle the work and provide with an exemplar road map to their vision.

Minimalist Workspace Design that Reflects Uniformity & Progressiveness | Aakaar Interior

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The client wanted the office to be a reflection of their work philosophy to reduce and reuse, being not just eco friendly in their products but also stay true to it in their office design which is a part of their warehouse.

custom static cling

The idea was to keep the spatial feel unbarred, including minimal list branding with custom static client alongside providing individual work space available to each employee without getting shrouded in it.

Using double heighted entrance and keeping the place naturally lit helps in keeping the energy requirements to a minimum.

“To reflect the progressive and coherent thinking of young businessmen, we intended to give the office an unadulterated and clear ambience to enhance their effectualness.” Added the designer.

The space needed to fulfil the functional requirements appropriately without having an over-designed feel, the needed to incorporate all of the requirements of the client without cluttering the sanctity of the place with unneeded aesthetic artifice nor enormous storage compartments.

Fact File

Designed By: Aakaar Interior

Project Type: Office Interior Design

Project Name: Bhaavya Ecopack

Location: kosamba, Gujarat

Year Built:  2021

Duration of project: 4 Months

Project Size: 4500 Sq.ft.

Project Cost Appx: 65 Lac

Principal Architect: Mr. Firdos katpitia

Team Design Credits: Himani Unadkat

Products & Materials: Facade Systems: Concreexpo

Photograph Courtesy: Prachi khasgiwala

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