Firm Neutrality and Welcoming Muteness of Greys for this Workspace Design | AVVO

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Amidst the hustles of Mumbai’s most crowded spaces with a lot of concrete jungle, Mr. Vanssh Jallan embarked his journey of establishing his ready mix concrete business in full force during which emerged his desire of having a workspace design working environment. For which he granted us the designers freedom to follow our vision and gain desired look.

Firm Neutrality and Welcoming Muteness of Greys for this Workspace Design | AVVO

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Entrance foyer

Natural wood stands on two blocks of concrete for visitor seating. Eyeing company logos perched on rugged concrete wall that function together in the leading spaces depicts a strong selling point.

Our understanding was that a relatively smaller space requires teamwork intertwined with multi-tasking for every hierarchy of workload which requires transparency in communication which was taken care of through clear glass partitions which help erase boundaries and increase outreach within each other.

Discussion area and Directors cabin

AVVO designed director’s table personally eradicating conventional table stand replacing it with concrete stand. On which sits sandwiched wooden fluted drawer with white carrara Italian marble top provided by India’s leading marble importer Flora Marble.

Without compromising on style and comfort, we have selected the Aeron Ergonomic chair provided by Herman Miller as the director’s chair complimented by a leather – wood finished credenza and chic loose furniture around.

Breakout space

This is the most colourful space for free flowing creativity. White house furniture sofa for relaxing reading session adds a pop of brightness with its blue hue. Pistyle studio helped beautify the office pleasantly.

Our visions as designers stand the ground of high proficiency and productivity of both employer and employee whilst maintaining calm and safe conditions to make informed decisions. The design brewed all through the process to bring out clean endearing aesthetic. Our aim was formulating ideas customised to the clients benefit with crisp detailing and contemporary touch.


Tones of grey, helps people soothe down to concentrate on task at hand. A few splashes of wood and metal add character to the space.

Fact File

Designed By: AVVO

Project Name: Jallan Concrete

Project Type: Office Interior Design

Client Name: Vanssh Jallan

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Project size: 600 Sq.ft.

Year built: 2021

Duration: 2 Months

Principal Architect: Raj Kothari

Team Design Credits: Vridhi Kasliwal and Jerome Khodaiji

Consultants for project

Styled by:

Products & Materials: Marble: Flora Marble | Furniture: Herman Miller, Mauble | Wooden Flooring: Nileya Wall and Décor | Paint: Colour Coats | Signage by: The Signage

Photography Courtesy: 21 Frames

Firm’s Instagram Link: AVVO

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