• Jalan Tembusu Condo Is The Up And Coming Condominium For Youth And Families

    Singapore is so convenient that it doesn’t really matter where you stay – whether in the city center or around the outskirts. The country is relatively small and the ease of transport makes location not too big of a deal when it comes to deciding where to live. However, families with school aged children will need to take locality into consideration especially when it comes to enrolling their children into top schools.

    Due to the demands that surround certain schools, the government has issued regulations regarding enrollments for half private and public schools, which is what makes Jalan Tembusu Condo such an attractive residence for families with young children. The property is situated between Haig Road and Tanjong Katong Road which means that parents have a good chance of enrolling their children into the likes of Kong Hwa, Haig Girls, Tanjong Katong Primary School, and Chung Cheng High School.

    Their close proximity to the beach and public transportation also makes it convenient for young couples who enjoy going out and about and exploring the island or enjoying recreational activities on the weekends. It also provides easy access to their workplace and to get groceries or even shopping.

    Thiam Siew Avenue’s great locality isn’t its only selling point. The residential area is the largest in the area and it has plenty of facilities to offer its residents such as outdoor BBQ pits and state of the art gym equipment. The younger residents are not forgotten by the developers either, and parents can find fun little nooks and corners filled with kid-friendly features, along with a proper playground for the little ones.

    A wonderful blend of East Coast’s vibrant city culture and Katong’s more leisurely pace, there’s definitely something for everyone at Thiam Siew Avenue. The 260,000 square feet residence is set for completion in 2027 and those who want to take a sneak peek at their showrooms can now register their interest on the website. Walk-ins are strictly prohibited in order to curb the spread of Covid-19, as keeping Thiam Siew Avenue safe and secure is one of their top priorities.

    Thiam Siew Avenue is a joint venture between Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments. Hoi Hup Realty is a well-known real estate developer based in Singapore, founded in 1983 and has successfully developed several award winning estates in Singapore. Sunway Developments, a Malaysian company, is another veteran in the property development scene and both have a combined total of over 200 awards. With current trends pointing towards sustainability and eco-friendly buildings, the two companies have a proven track record of keeping waste to a minimum without compromising on quality or cost.

    With so many stellar features of Thiam Siew Avenue, there’s really no need to look any further if you are looking for an investment or a potential home in Singapore. With over 800 condominiums available, ranging from one to four-bedroom options, Thiam Siew Avenue truly caters to all.

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