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    The interior designs ‘for one, and all’ have a different set of challenges. Well, a sample house needs that kind of a concept that serves beyond a specific client brief i.e., for the modern and contemporary lovers as well as the traditional and Moroccan admirers. Here is a classical cynosure that is sure to enchant a wider set of admirers with its alluring pastels and synchronic natural light worshiping its reflective finishing materials! This 1100 sq. ft. modern and classic 3BHK apartment in Vadodara is designed by the designer Ar. Ruchir Sheth and his firm Design Studio Associates based out in Vadodara. It’s eloquent, timeless, minimal and modern apartment design with classical themed elements that bring upon a tranquil and placid adobe to dwell into.

    Minimal And Modern Apartment Design With Classical Themed Elements | DESIGN STUDIO ASSOCIATES


    The plan is sure to bring in oodles of natural light to mesmerize the soothing interiors. This monochromatic synchrony is enriched with classic style elements- the classic fluting details for the walls and the ceiling. Moreover, the reflective finishes along with the soothing pastel hues work to perceptually enlarge the space.

    Apart from the hues and the classical-styled flutings, this sample apartment embraces a play of another modern element- the mirrors. Right from the vestibule to the bedrooms, there is a lot of creative play done with this versatile material.

    The vestibule is ornamented with an antique console against a mirrored wall amplifying the space size perceptually. With dignified buttoned sofas and a decent floor rug, the living room is designed to look enriching and poised.

    The vertical flutings for the TV unit add a texture to the space in synchrony with the white marble for the wall. To further accentuate the marble and its polished surface, a mirror wall piece in a brass finish is added imbibing the space with an ornamented look.

    The other art pieces and the hanging light follow the same finish for a unanimous feel. Additionally, the detailed flutings for the pastel wall and the ceiling rim work in adding that desired classical theme here.

    It’s a dine-in with a view! The dining space draws its part of natural light from the adjacent balcony. The space experience is created by the plain colored walls, the wall flutings, and an enchanting chandelier. Here again, the diagonal play with the mirror units works in multiplying the space elegance by manifolds.

    The mirrors and the flutings also work in adding that elemental quality to the overall dining experience. The diagonal square pattern gets repeated for the chairs to also enhance the polished marble table top.

    The kitchen is left minimal. The same vertical flutings as for the TV units get repeated for the breakfast table for a unanimous look across the face. Moreover, the vertical flutings work in accentuating the height of the table.

    Two triumphant high chairs and a warm white hanging light further serve the standalone unit. The cooking area takes the grey and veneer against the marble backdrop giving it the desired minimal outlook.

    The same grey hue as the living and dining gets replicated in the master bedroom. It’s themed blue-grey with a conscious mirror grid creating the rear wall behind the bed. Contrastingly, a decent shade of blue makes the bed back; truly amalgamating with the brown furnishings.

    The interior design is minimal with flutings running across the walls. Moreover, the classic style beading run across the ceiling rim in an otherwise plain ceiling.

    The other two bedroom takes the pastels as well. The concepts for the bedrooms are similar. Grey-Ivory remains the theme for one of them wherein more of the verticality of the space is accentuated. The bed back extends to the ceiling beside the vertical fluting designs on the ivory wall. All of these are done to amplify the dimensional aspects of the space perceptually.

    The ample natural light oozing in from the adjacent balcony attaches a gleeful vibe to the arena. A gist of luxury is imbibed by the brass-finished wall-hung chandeliers. Again, the furnishings are left minimal with veneer finishes.

    The third bedroom takes a unique combination of pastels i.e., peachy pink and grey. Wherein, the tapestry for the bed back takes a pastel peachy pink and the classical flutings to embark on the wall behind the back creating a classically minimal backdrop.

    The reflective nature of the surfaces works truly well in responding to and distributing the day light falling upon. Apart from that, the elements as beautiful as mirrors are creatively put in places to accentuate the scale of the space. Such sample houses with minimal interventions and soothing hues are sure to appeal to a wider set of design admirers. Indeed, a highly satisfactory design by the design team led by Ar. Krupal Sheth.



    Project Type : Residential Interior

    Project Name : Courtyard Meridian

    Location : Sevasi

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of the project : 2 months

    Built-up Area : 1100 Sq.ft

    Project Cost : 25 lacs

    Principal Architect : Ar. Ruchir sheth

    Team Design Credits : Krupal Sheth

    Text Credits : Ar. Megha Hirani

    Photograph Courtesy : Darshan Dave

    Firm’s Website Link : DESIGN STUDIO ASSOCIATES

    Firm’s Instagram Link : DESIGN STUDIO ASSOCIATES

    Firm’s Facebook Link : DESIGN STUDIO ASSOCIATES


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