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Making The Importance Of Design A Need For Any Commercial Space | YUGEN DESIGN SPACE

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A bakery, an all-time tempting space and must capture space for interior designers with the challenge of eye-attracting design to keep the baking on. The architecture and interior design studio ‘Yugen Design Space’ has treated all its social circles with this sweet, cozy, design-themed, Milan-style bakery. Unlike the tacky bakeries today, the client was particular in creating the brand and approached us with the same thought. 

We were more than excited to create this space at the times of covid and a strict lockdown. Without having an actual glimpse of the site, everything was wrapped and understood with the site images and that’s where the story of this brand started in 2020 with a very limited investment in that crisis. Amidst all this chaos, this second branch was opened at Jalahalli, making this the show stopper from the first branch. The crowds were attracted in lines of the design-driven ideas making the importance of design a need for any commercial space and the smallest business owner. 

Making The Importance Of Design A Need For Any Commercial Space | YUGEN DESIGN SPACE


We have created an authentic and memorable experience in a place of daily passage, a major point for interaction. The surrounding have so much narrative, and the front face of the bakery is toned down with colors and striking that balance with the environment on the outside. The functionality and the aesthetics had to go hand in hand for such a compact space. Making the design knit and apt for the users and the kitchen functioning. 

This is how the story for the space began with etching our young creative ideas and bringing them to reality to cherish the cravings of a toddler in each of us; the pastel hues with bright show-stopping wallpaper keep the quirky essence contrasting the calm, playful hue on the inside. 

A touch of Milan was created as a calm niche to savor the tastes of every passerby in the chaotic surrounding visually; the warm lighting with the design is aimed to create cozy interiors that would prompt visitors to stay for a little longer than usual while on their daily bakery round making the gaze travel between the play of lights and volumes. 

The eccentric elements from the menu design, the latest fashion of easel display, the sideboard display with the main display, the lighting design, and the functional kitchen aspects being tucked in design were all in line with the theme. To further explore, Yugen studio has exploded with pastel-hued fixtures to reflect the bakery’s sweet treats, taking particular interest in the hues of typical dessert ingredients. Light and luminosity sweep the interiors of the bakery, accentuating the food items on display. This has been reflected in the warm beige backdrop, which has been used to highlight the display counter and the cash register. 

Working with a linear floor plan, the long countertop is designed to act as a monolithic focal point of the surrounding arrangements of the shelves. The small space has been designed to accommodate room for preparation kitchen and customer waiting space comfortably. The area has been carefully divided, concealing the working area boxed inside where the treats for our tastes are prepared with the exterior play of wall art and an attractively-lit waiting area masking the making process from the display space.

Bridging this theme of Milan-styled concept ran throughout the bakery at all times from within to spilling over the exterior design. The outside facade is designed to contrast the interior’s mood. The unobstructed elevation opens up to the street as a large window framing the sweet treats on the inside. The interior colors contrast with this dominant blue facade, like a shell attracting the crowds into the fragile interiors.

Highlighting nature, the trees have been strongly considered while designing the front facade keeping intact the roots of nature to gift the space back to the street and, to us, the sweet treats! This way, the gap was bridged with soothing colors and striking backgrounds as the best of both worlds. This intention drew more customer flow into the space and easily tripled the cost of profits revenue than the first one, with the design adding the majority of its contribution.



Project Type : BAKERY

Project Name : BAKER’S HEART


Year Built : 2020

Built up : 230 sq.ft

Project Size : 250 sq. ft

Project Cost : 9 lakhs

Principal Architect : VAISHNAVI TOLETY

Products / Materials / Vendors : Flooring – Somany Tiles / Paint – Asian Paints

Firm’s Website Link : YUGEN DESIGN SPACE

Firm’s Instagram Link : YUGEN DESIGN SPACE

Firm’s Facebook Link : YUGEN DESIGN SPACE


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