Your guide for pool maintenance

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It is incredibly glamorous to have a swimming pool in your backyard. It will add more appeal to your pool parties, fitness laps, or even when you are lounging alongside the pool in the afternoon. However, to make all this happen, you need to keep your pool adequately maintained. If you do not take up regular maintenance of your pool, it might surrender to various problems like broken filters, green water, Build-up of algae, etc. Listed below are some pool maintenance tips for new owners and those who proudly own a pool for years.

Undertake regular skimming sessions

To have a clear pristine pool undertaking weekly skimming sessions is compulsory. It would be best if you skimmed off the leaves and the debris from your pool daily. If you are high on a budget, you can also buy a robot vacuum to clean the pool for you. You can even hire companies like Just pool Coverswho provide exceptional cleaning sessions. Scrubbing the sides of the pool is also very imperative to prevent the build-up of algae. You don’t need to do this daily but weekly to make your pool look fresh and clean.

Cleaning pool Filter


Just like kidneys work in our body, filters work for a swimming pool. They keep the pool clean from small dirt, toys, or leaves. Thus it is advisable to clean the filter basket regularly. It would be best if you also backwashed the pipes used in the filter system. Setting up a timer for a filter machine is desirable to prevent breakdown. 

Maintaining chemical levels of the pool

One of the essential facets of pool maintenance is keeping track of chemical concentrations. If the chemical balance in the water is not suitable, it will lead to skin problems. It might also become breeding ground for bacteria making your pool look quite murky. 

You can buy testing kits from the local pool store to check the chemical balance in pool water. If the chemicals in water do not have the correct balance, then it will not have any scent or leave any residue on your skin. Your pool would be crystal clear.

Try cheaper alternatives

Pool chemicals are costly so you can buy options from the grocery store. You can maintain pool alkalinity by using sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda is a good alternative for sodium bicarbonate; it has the same concentration of sodium bicarbonate as pool chemicals. So the amount you use in the pool will be similar to that of the pool chemical.

Opt for pool shocks

Going for pool shocks right before a party is essential. It will kill the murkiness, thereby making your pool look more pristine. Pool shock is a process that increases the chlorine levels to kill bacteria. After you finish the process, you should refill the pool with water. Engaging in pool shocking at least once in a season is recommended.

You can trust experts for pool maintenance because it has a lot of aspects. They have the knowledge and the skill to deal with pool equipment. Having scheduled service sessions is essential to keep your pool water glistening for use.