Integration of a Sense of Curiosity and Dynamism for this Home in Bangalore | White Shadows Design Studio

Located in a bustling business hub with a Sense of Curiosity and Dynamism in the West of Bangalore, celebrating its sleek, contemporary style, Oasis of Tranquil is home to the Shah family. “The words ‘understated elegance’ are what come to my mind” gushed a contented Miss. Shah, on experiencing the completed project.

Integration of a Sense of Curiosity and Dynamism for this Home in Bangalore | White Shadows Design Studio

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On setting foot into the foyer from the private elevator, one gets a taste of the celebration of juxtaposed tranquillity and splendour that subsequently predominates the unfurling experience of the abode. Potted plants, funky drop lights and an ornamental mirror breathe life into the ante space. A fluted glass partition subtly hints at the space beyond it, the pattern on the glass lending a sense of dynamism to the distorted view, as one moves into the space. A curious distress-styled floor rug contrasts with the ‘polished’ elements in the space, yet sits in well with the hues in the tessellated marble flooring.

The royal blue single seaters and cushions pack in accents of colour into the living space. A charming centre table trio becomes the focal point of the formal living, while the off-beat hanging light above adds an element of intrigue to the space. The rich walnut veneer panelling imbues an almost tangible sense of warmth in the spaces.

A custom-made partition screen designed to be a fragmentation of the pattern of the veneer & tinted mirror panelling across it demarcates the family space from the formal living. The space is accented with apricot-hued lounge chairs and their matching ottomans, against the stark white 3- seater and neutral-toned centre table duo, all intertwined together by the complementing carpet. The moody grey T.V. unit underplays itself, choosing to compliment the white and grey marble behind, allowing the other elements of the space to take the centre stage. The copper beading breaks down the vastness of the marble, the pattern again forming a visual link with the panelling in the formal living.

The chandelier is the indubitable protagonist of the dining space, with its contemporary and sleek, yet magnificent design. The white-streaked dark brown marble cladding elevates the dining space boldly and the entire experience is augmented by the amber-tinted mirror, punctuated on both ends by strips of recessed lighting.

The ethereal glow of the onyx-cladded breakfast counter signals one invitingly toward the minimalist kitchen. The neutral-hued glossy surfaces, interspersed with the warmth of veneer reinforce the sense of minimalism. A large clock, impressive in its austere simplicity aptly takes its place on the wall above the counter, completing the composition.

On sauntering towards the master bedroom, one passes by the sleek yet unobtrusive console unit accentuated with a circular art piece above and framed with vertical strips of tinted mirror and veneer on both sides, all assembling into a striking composition entirely of neutral hues. The end of the corridor is marked with a framed painting.

The master bedroom is resplendent with black lacquered glass and a rich-grained veneer panelling at the bedhead. Blue and silver-grey upholstery add a regal touch to the room. The Tetris-inspired glossy cream study unit complimented with the aforementioned veneer back panelling and linen textured wallpaper behind, all together concocting a suave study nook. The regal design grammar of the bedroom follows into the bathroom, manifesting itself through the grand combination of the dark and light marble, both exquisite in their own manner, encompassing the `his and her wash basins and their carefully curated oblong mirrors with matching lights.

The last bedroom is flecked with shades of grey, the coolness of the shade being balanced out with the warmth of the veneer and wood flooring, to achieve an ambient colour temperature in the room.

The uniquely veined and pigmented marble flooring holds one’s gaze as it flirtatiously envelops the frontage of the second master bedroom and romances with the amber tones in the wooden flooring. The sage green and burnt orange duo ensure that the occupant’s senses are elevated. The chevron patterned veneer adds warmth from behind the chic bedside lamps.

The third bedroom dabbles with playful patterns, the cool tones propelling a refreshing take on the colour scheme. A pattern identical to that in the living room panelling appears here in the form of the bed back panelling, the alluring texture of the stone panelling sensuously contrasting against the ritzy charcoal tinted mirror. A variant of the same pattern again reveals itself in the wardrobe shutters. The splashes of crisp white peppered around this bedroom act almost as accents in their starkness. The striking white chest of drawers completes the composition, against the passionate alliance of the concrete textured wall and the richly grained fluted wood

Fact File

Designed by: White Shadows Design Studio

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name:  Oasis of Tranquil

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project: 1 year

Project Size: 5350 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx:  2.5 Crore

Principal Architects: Siddharth Ramesh & Anupama Siddharth

Team Design Credits: Ejas Ahmed

Photograph Courtesy: Nayan Soni

Consultants for the Project

Automation: Smartvng Automation

MEP & HVAC Consultants: Coolworld

Products & Materials: Finishes: Timex veneers | Wallcovering / Cladding: Indoburma Agencies | Lighting: Philips | Doors and Partitions: Aristo | Sanitaryware: Grohe & Toto | Furniture: Flexform, Ventura, Gala world | Flooring: Pearl marble | Kitchen: Varun Decors | Paint: Asian paints | Artefacts: Curio Casa | Wallpaper: Tassels | Hardware: Hafele

Firm’s Website Link: White Shadows Design Studio

Firm’s Instagram Link: White Shadows Design Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: White Shadows Design Studio

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