Immersed in an Encompassing Environment, this home Transforms Subtle Luxury into Modern Living | K.N. Associates

Editor’s Note: A physical interpretation of the term summer soiree, Maheshwari residence embraces its occupants in spaces doused in the goodness of warm material textures and filtered natural light. The visual attachment among the spaces with its outdoor ambiance embellishes the serene setting. The water feature installed in a scooped-out corner of the courtyard engages in a sensory experience with its trickling sound and soft descend. A timeless language of design is enamored through a simple and strongly effective approach. – Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

Away from the hustle and bustle of Vadodara city, in Khanpur, is perched a serene escapade – Antica Greenwoods 72, an idyllic reinterpretation of bungalow living. Maheshwari Residences as it is called spans two-floor levels, manifesting a space where luxury strikes a chord with the everyday lifestyle. The house merges artistic expression while being immersed in an encompassing environment, this home transforms subtle luxury into modern living.

Immersed in an Encompassing Environment, this home Transforms Subtle Luxury into Modern Living | K.N.Associates

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In the entrance of the house is the pièce de résistance of the project, giving one quite an invitation into the house and setting the tone for the rest of the architectural design. A beautiful angel sculpture by sculptor Asish Das, with an artfully crafted waterbody infuses into the composition, distributing hints of elegance, charm, and artistry. Entering into a sky-lit court with a generously canopied tree planter the house pitches itself for a perfect welcome.

As you enter into the foyer, a double height space encompasses a customized glass chandelier by kaanch. The formal living room unfolds itself in muted tones of grey, white and natural greens. Soft mood lighting and warm materials accentuate the design approach, which is characterized by modern forms, minimal elements, and clean lines. An added veranda that runs across the length of the huge formal living and family living areas; not to mention the beautiful garden view beyond that, truly makes the understated interiors an inside-out feel. 

There is a seamless flow between the living room, family seating area, and dining area. The open floor plan creates a welcoming atmosphere and makes it easier to move between the spaces. To create spaces that flow into each other cohesively, the formal living room has been transformed into an open plan. Wooden ceiling as an element is used to create a space that is elegant as well as classic in nature. 

Subtle furniture elements coupled with marvelous garden elements create a sophisticated as well as elegant interior space. A stunning brass finish eye shape lamp is the highlight accent piece for the space. Bespoke furniture, attention to detail, and a couple of stand-out pieces such as the eye-shaped lamp endow the space with a warm and welcoming vibe. 

The formal living room is demarcated from the family living area by a glass sliding door. The client brief demanded that the interiors of the living area should delight the eye and also soothe the soul. Creating a simple, practical, and minimal space was our line of action.

Lines as an element are used to create a refined family living space. Subtle Italian marble coupled with fabric finished sofas and large glass windows overlooking brick cladded wall creates a sophisticated as well as elegant interior space.

The vibrant wood accent TV unit adds a splash of colour and warmth to the otherwise monochrome design adding briskness to the space. The veneer used on the walls of the passage gives the impression of solid wood and ties the colour palette together.

A secluded yet eye-catching camouflage in the passage with a small mandir highlights a dramatic and striking feature of the whole house whilst skillfully balancing the subtlety.

Since the client entertains often, the dining space is designed to be soothing and calming as well as warm and welcoming. The dining space is just as functional as aesthetic, wherein wooden and brass crockery cabinets create ample storage while adding to the beauty of the space.

The wooden ceiling and pendant lights over the eight-seater wooden dining are both elegant and functional. But what arouses curiosity to the senses as one enjoys the culinary delights is the beautiful wall art portrait.

A classic modular kitchen by Nolte – Decorate with a gorgeous island counter and light ambience on the ceiling accentuates the elegance and the overall appeal of the kitchen area. Stunning finishes, an open display cabinet, and an admirable color palette add up to it, making it look clean and sunny.

The transitional spaces in between, like the courtyard, are not ignored from the intervention rather it is emphasized by a breathtaking fountain by outline studios.

There is attention to detail in the design of each room based on the occupants’ needs and preferences. Each of the bed & bath suites adorns a different and unique aesthetic sense. Largely dominated by the tones of whites and greys, a play of colour enters into the picture in the parents’ room in the form of upholstery, wall-mounted artwork, and a unique tan leather lounge chair.

Perfectly separating the private and semi-private space within the master bedroom speaks of grace and grandeur, all the while keeping it simple and subtle…and yet, significant!

Whites, neutrals, and grey undertones form the base palette for the bedrooms juxtaposed with wooden niche, PU finished panelling, deep hardwood accents seen on the ceiling and select walls. 

The bathrooms manifest pattern-rich spaces rendered by marble stone veining and complemented by a black Italian marble counter with brass inlay. A brass finished framing in vanity, large glass shower cubicle, wooden cabinetry, and eclectic lighting enhance the space and brings a soft playfulness.

The theme of the brother’s bedroom is kept modern with clean lines, minimal design elements, and the use of a selective material-color palette. The room has been highlighted by continuing wooden finish pattern and upholstered back panelling. 

The material palette of the children’s room takes an interesting turn as it consists of a hand-painted wall mural, an artistic rug, and a colourful study corner. Flamboyant mural art is crafted on the wall. The colour scheme is a bit dramatic due to the play of bold blue, black, red, and smoky greys. The study desk is in vibrant blue and red which merges with the overall theme of the room.

The entertainment room on the second floor is an exciting space to step in. The wooden flooring and acoustic panel on the wall are aesthetically pleasing and also cater to the acoustic requirements as it cuts off the noise. The black and blue lounge chairs elevate the mood making it look lively. 

As far as bar areas go, this one stands out as a complete stunner. In addition to its placement next to the entertainment screen, it also has a “RAW” appeal.

The bar table is cast out of the stone top and metal framing and the bar unit is in Veneer finish and Metal frame – niches. The LED installation of ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ in the backdrop adds glory to the bar.

There is a special lounge on the terrace floor, which occupies part of the terrace. With its tall glass walls and pitched roof, the lounge area represents a perfect reinterpretation of French architecture. With a marriage of intimate indoors and great outdoors, this platform fosters social interactions.

The beautiful blue and blush pink couches and a spiral chandelier add charm to this area. With large works of art displayed beside concrete walls, the spaces evoke an art gallery-like aesthetic.

Project Highlights

A color palette that is predominantly white, neutral, beige, and taupe ties together all the spaces tastefully. Natural wood and elegant lighting provide variety and depth to the aesthetics of the project. There is a sense of finesse to the overall look with wall-mounted art, contemporary and modern furniture, as well as unique ceiling-hung light fixtures.

Fact File

Designed by: K.N.Associates

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Maheshwari Residence

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Year Built: 2022

Plot Area: 8100 Sq.ft

Principal Architects : Ar. Narendra Joshi & Ar. Pritesh Patel

Design Credits: Nidhi Shah

Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah       

Photographer’s Website Link: Tejas Shah   

Write – Up courtesy: Priyanka Chitre

Firm’s Website Link: K.N.Associates

Firm’s Instagram Link: K.N.Associates

Firm’s Facebook Link: K.N.Associates

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