• This Goa Home Embraces a Sense of Minimalism, Allowing the Purity of Form and Texture to be Highlighted | Studio MSA

    The initial notion for the interiors was to create an unwinding space for the techie couple both of whom have hectic work schedules and desired their home to be a sanctuary from the chaos of everyday life. The house needed to extend as a working space as well as have warmth to create a sense of comfort and relaxation. This Goa home embraces the sense of minimalism, allowing the purity of form and texture to be highlighted, through its achromatic interiors. Thereby creating an atmosphere of simplicity and tranquillity, providing residents a respite from the chaos of the outside world.

    This Goa Home Embraces a Sense of Minimalism, Allowing the Purity of Form and Texture to be Highlighted | Studio MSA

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    White-washed walls keep the palette simple and balance the dark undertones. The matte finished tiles add depth to the space while being maintenance friendly. The modest furniture and play of textures are arranged along the contrasts of the walls and floor.

    The living room is a space to unwind after a long day, with a plush grey sofa & circular center table anchored with a grey flat woven rug. The minimalist TV unit adorned with fluted panels develops the character of the space.

    The linear lines of the fluted glass, fluted panels & textures of fabrics & walls contribute an overall unifying idea of the neutral scheme. The indoor plants and reading spaces bring a touch of nature and tranquillity into the space.

    Adjoining the living area, the dining room encompasses a tucked-in puja corner along with a storage unit with fluted glass and PU-coated cabinets.

    The fluted glass entrance partition creates a subtle division between the entrance and the dining area while allowing for a sense of privacy without completely closing off the space. A Natural polished wooden dining table and grey upholstered chairs create a warm and welcoming setting for family gatherings.

    The kitchen is a modern and efficient space, envisaged for functionality with sleek grey cabinets with soft closing mechanism and profile handles for a seamless and effortless experience.

    The countertop adjoins the breakfast counter, which serves as a versatile space for quick meals or casual conversations.

    The master bedroom, on the other hand maintains the continuity with the rest of the interiors, emphasizing the simplicity & serenity. The textured walls in a neutral shade complement the fluted accents below the ceiling creating a cohesive environment.

    The wardrobe is tucked into the recessed niche offering generous storage without encroaching into the circulation area. Using a simple palette and minimal use of textures and surfaces the space is visually and functionally un-intrusive while still providing all the necessary elements for a comfortable and calming retreat.

    Parents’ bedroom is designed to be used as a study or reading area, with a corner bookshelf and a comfortable reading ledge by the window creating a nook, perfect for relaxation and productivity.

    The textured walls along the bed add visual interest and complement the overall minimalist aesthetic of the room. The colours have been kept in check through the maximum utilization of easy to clean laminated surfaces while being mindful of the occupants needs for storage and organization.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Studio MSA

    Project Type: Residential Interior Design

    Project Name: Achromatic Interiors

    Location: Margao- Goa

    Year Built: 2023

    Duration of the project: 3 Months

    Project Size: 807 Sq.ft

    Project Cost: 15 Lakhs

    Principal Architects: Ar. Manali Vartikar & Ar. Sagar Kamat

    Photograph Courtesy: Hemant Patil

    Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes – Asian Paints wall textures / Lighting – Philips / Furniture – IKEA / Flooring – Simpolo / Hardware – Ebco

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio MSA

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio MSA

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