How to Keep Your House Up to Speed with Emerging Technology

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Trying to keep up with home innovation 2018 has been proven difficult with the constantly emerging tech. There are a few home technology accessories that will eventually become universally owned. Now is a great time to start with putting your home ahead of the tech competition with some smart home technology.

Many families think smart homes are for the upper class in big cities. This isn’t the case—smart home installations are increasing in suburbia and across the world. There are smart homes that even focus on being green. There are even celebrities like Oprah who dropped $14 million on a high-tech ski home in Telluride where a heating system keeps the driveway snow-free. This isn’t necessarily within the budget for most homes looking to become smarter. With technology, all homes have the potential to become personalized to the needs of the owner.

Amazon Alexa is a Great Place to Start

Many people love Amazon Alexa. Amazon isn’t the only company with this kind of listening device. It is the device that has gained the most mainstream attention and seems to be taking off. There are companies investing in advertising through Alexa. This device is opening up doors in business strategy and within home communication and comfort. It is possible to order groceries and items on Amazon through the device.

Home Technology isn’t all Fun and Games—it can Keep You Safe

That’s right, smart homes are groundbreaking in the security industry. It is possible to get padlocks that can only be unlocked through a code sent specifically to your phone. From bushfire shutters to doorbells that allow you to look through video on your phone to see who is at the door – many home technologies keep the family safe from harm or from answering the door when an intruder is at the door or if it is just a pesky salesman.

There are windows that are designed in a specific way to keep you safe. There are some that have certain latches and protection to enable safety. There are also windows that have sensors so that if the window is opened, the sensor sends a message to your smart home. This can let you check the cameras on your smart phone and see if there is an intruder. If there is, you can call the cops before any damage is done to your home.

These smart technology safety measurements are great for families and homes that are vacant during the day while at work or school. Installing these smart home technologies don’t only make your house feel new and sleek, they have the potential to save you thousands of dollars.

Room in the Home for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is hot right now. This may seem like a far away concept, but A.I. is being studied and it is growing daily. If things speed up in this field, the future could hole discreet A.I. analysis and then potential threat warnings. This could be another groundbreaking safety feature that may not be too far off from happening.

Someday we might have fridges that order the food for us. That would be one step above being able to order Alexa to order food. A way to prepare for this is to learn about tech and the benefits that it could bring to your lifestyle. Embracing the innovation is a way to stay ahead of the knowledge curve and someone in the potential market for a safer and smarter home.

There are More Smart Spaces than Homes

Google Assistant is one of the big players in the concept of a smart office. This is like a work-oriented Alexa, as discussed earlier. This allows for there to be an office assistant that is essentially programmed into a Google Assistant. Google Assistant is the smartest of any tech assistant yet. These assistants will only become more intelligent, This could mean that more people could be interested in Google Doormen for apartment complexes or gated communities.

What Does the Future Hold?

In 2017, Zion Market research predicted that the smart home technology market will reach $53.45 billion by 2022, according to Forbes. In the future, smart homes will get smarter and more integrated into other technology we use. Maybe someday there will be packages that come with homes and even the purchase of a phone. Everything will be focused on being “smart” in the future. There may even be temperature-controlled furniture in every room. With technology growing, the possibilities are endless. All you can do is stay on your toes and read up on trends and the possible benefits that could make your home worth more to you or if you are putting it on the market.

The future holds innovation, synchronization, and illumination on technology that has the potential to change the way humans interact with their homes.