How to Ensure Effective Pool Repairs in Winter Garden after a Storm?

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Due to its sparse suburban feel, a lot of residents in Winter Garden own a swimming pool. If you also have a pool in your backyard, you know it needs regular maintenance and repairs, especially due to the tropical storms that frequently occur in this region. They cause massive flooding as the seawater heads inland bringing contaminants like salt, algae, phosphates, and sand to your pool.

Let’s admit pool cleaning and repairs after a storm can be daunting. The longer you delay the process, the worse will be the conditions of your pool.

The complete plan for pool repair Winter Garden after a storm includes:

Skim the Pool

Before starting other cleaning and repair procedures, skim the pool water to remove smaller debris, leaves, and other particles. You can use a skimmer net for removing the heavy volume of debris from the pool surface or bottom. It may take a few hours to scoop debris from the pool.

Turn Off the Power to Check Electrical Equipment

If you didn’t turn off the power before the storm, do it now. Breakers may trip during heavy rains and storms in Winter Garden. Reset them and ensure that your pool equipment works flawlessly. To do this task, it is better to call the experts who know how to handle the breakers and other moisture-sensitive electrical items in your pool system.

In the state of Florida, there are Residential Pool Safety Laws that require homeowners to hire licensed pool contractors for repair, replacement, and maintenance of pool equipment. So, instead of dealing with the electrical wires, call a pool professional for inspection and pool repair Winter Garden.

Backwash and Clean Pool Filter

For maintaining your pool after a storm, it is essential to backwash the filtering system as well. Since any storm can bring a huge load of dust, pollen, and bacteria into your swimming pool, your pool filter may require extensive cleaning before working. If your pool has a DE filter, consider replacing the DE powder.

In a cartridge filter, check and clean each cartridge individually to keep the filter in perfect working condition. Backwash your sand filters using the right methods. Here again, it makes more sense to call the professionals to handle them properly.

Clean and Brush the Pool

If you have family coming over from Windermere, Ocoee, Oakland Park, or any other neighboring town, you need your Winter Garden pool to look sparkling clean. And brushing is an important part of this cleaning regimen.

While preliminary cleaning like removing debris from the pool is the first step, you also need to vacuum the excess dirt from the pool’s floor. Monitor the pressure gauge of your pool filter while vacuuming. Also, brush the pool walls to remove bacteria.

Test and Balance the Pool Water

For balancing the chemistry of your pool, testing the water is crucial. You can either use a home testing kit or let your pool maintenance contractor manage this task. They know the exact level of alkalinity, pH, and chlorine needed in a residential pool.

They will shock your pool to stop algae and bacterial growth. Also, they will balance the chemicals in your pool with the right products and processes.

The pool safety laws in Winter Garden are quite stringent when it comes to pool safety. Any act of negligence on your part can result in severe penalties by the local authorities. Hence, monitor the working of your pool equipment for a few days after the storm to ensure there are no pool leaks or electrical hazards.

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