The Ultimate Guide to Best Queen Bed Frames

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In order to start a good day, it is important to have a better night sleep. And you cannot have a good night sleep if your bed is uncomfortable. A well-built bed frame is an important part of your bedding which permits you to rest calmly. Bed frames are available in all sizes, if you are looking for a frame which doesn’t take a lot of your room space and still gives you and your spouse a perfect sleep, then queen size bed frame is the best option.

The best quality queen bed frame is available in different styles and you can pick the one which comes in your budget and gives an aesthetic value to your room. However, you should check out all the factors before picking a queen bed frame.

Different types of queen bed frame

Standard: It is designed with a simple metal frame with a box spring and a mattress.

Platform: They are old and traditional styles which come with a raised base, horizontal frames which support the mattress. You don’t need a box spring for this.

Folding: It comes with hinges which permit the frame to get folded. It is recommended for those who have a very small room.

Panel: It comes with an additional component such as headboard and footboard.

Sleigh: it has a curved footboard or headboard made of heavy wood.

Styles of Queen Bed frame:

Queen bed frames are available in different styles. Right from traditional, contemporary, rustic, vintage to modern bed frames, you have plethora of options to choose from. It completely depends on your taste which you wish to create in your room. Some people often like using a single bed frame in their room for a minimalistic and modern style. On the contrary, others may prefer going for a traditional or vintage style to give a unique interior to their room

Points to remember when shopping a queen bed frame:

  1. Ensure your bed has sturdy and supportive slats with 3-inches of space. Also, make sure that dimension and thickness of the slats are good. It is equally important to have good number of slats. Less number of slats can make your sleep uncomfortable.
  2. Ensure that the bed frame isn’t too complicated to assemble or you may end up solving it for hours.
  3. It should have an optimal weight limit so that a couple can comfortably sleep on it.
  4. The corners of the frame should be rounded to protect you from getting stubbed toes and hurt shins.
  5. Also, ensure that the headboards, as well as the footboard, are compatible or the bed frame will never align perfectly.

There is a wide range of best quality queen bed frame available online. All you need to do is shop for the one which matches your preference, budget and requirement and order it online. Make sure the frame is strong, gorgeous in looks and very cost-effective. It is a long term investment, hence you should be cautious while shopping. If you need a definitive guide to bed frame styles and types, Snooze has you covered

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