Studio Apartment Embodying French Contemporary Interiors | TV’s Studio Designs

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Studio Apartment Embodying French Contemporary Interiors | TV’s Studio Designs

The capacity of contemporary French design is to go beyond depiction; where its enchantment genuinely lies. French Style gives a striking harmony between refinements a wide range of styles, joining varied new styles that mix flawlessly with more conventional plan to give a stylish and in vogue range.

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The French interiors have this charm by making spaces that coordinate unique energy with little implications of luxury, splendor, personalized décor mirroring the occupants’ veritable choices and interests. Everything appears to be characteristic, combining the old with the new and allowing interesting pieces to supplement each other and stand together, as opposed to “coordinating “.

The idea of designing this master bedroom was inculcating the most influential elements of French design. The dominant usage of fluting panel that not only gives detailing to the wall but brings out the contemporary sleekness to space. Olive green color to enhance the neutral color scheme of the room. Wall lights are the most important décor products to space. Table lights, floor lights, and pendant lights yet divider sconces are especially French. Clear alabaster created into basic geometrical form or articulation making evident contributions reminiscent of this style.

French is all about celebrating craftsmanship and detailing; hence space designing with this style can never be addressed without focusing the art factor in it. French fine art takes numerous structures however the least difficult approach to channel the look is with dynamic craftsmanship, the space here required contemporary art with different hues to promote the embellishment of the space. ‘Let’s hue’ designed the three wall art pieces for the project.  Space had two doors in the parallel alignment which needed to be a hideaway door so that they don’t take away the attention and continuity of the space. Wainscoting being an iconic detail of French décor was used to develop the whole surface that can manage the storage and doors design.

For the dressing and wash area, a similar color scheme has been followed. Focusing on one of the most important surfaces like flooring, a complete customized flooring was selected that can bring out the geometrical French approach at its best. The idea of busy to light pixilation on the floor was thought of, keeping the classic black and white flooring pattern in the wash area.

Exemplary classic is so incredibly French. Its Design Factor is the design of striking, progressed, and well-formulated French quality to space. However, in a similar way, it also generates a quirky and personalized space. No two French homes you visit will really show up or feel the equivalent. A certain arrangement vision is fundamental to pulling off such an interesting style. French-style has progressed widely since the unapologetic stylistic layout of the glorious time. After the French revolution, individuals started to turn their back over the top classy and go for a simpler look with a simplified ornate gesture to the resplendent design history. We planned the space with Contemporary French style, with the most current form that could sustain its trend to its classic value.


Designed byTV’s Studio Designs

Project Type: Refurbishment of Master Bedroom

Project Name: Contemporary French

Location: Ahmedabad

Year built: October 2020 to December 2020

Size: sq feet: 700

Principal Designer- Vaibhavi Thakkar Desai

Photograph courtesy:  chasinglight_studio


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