Benefits of Track Saw – Complete Guide

Track saw is a saw-like machine for making curved cuts in a wide variety of materials. It offers a degree of versatility not attainable with other tools. There are many track saws on the market so choosing the best track saw can be daunting. If you are ready to upgrade your cuts and make straight, even curves avoid having to buy multiple tools with these 5 benefits of a track saw..

A track saw is a circular saw that attaches to a metal track, which allows you to make cuts with perfect accuracy and zero tearout. This makes them ideal for cutting sheet goods like plywood, laminate and melamine.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Track Saw

Track saws are rapidly gaining popularity and many sawyers are opting for this tool over the more traditional table saw. Read this article from sawpicks. If you haven’t thought about the benefits of track saw, here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting one.

There are five key benefits of track saws for woodworkers:


You can use them as a circular saw, a plunge saw or even a jigsaw. They’re also great for cutting dados and rabbets in cabinets and other furniture pieces. They can even be used to cut metal and tile (but don’t use the same blade!). The ability to change blades means they’re more versatile than a table saw or circular saw.


Because they run along a precision-milled metal track, these tools can make perfectly straight cuts without any side-to-side movement. This is especially useful when you’re cutting sheet goods such as plywood, MDF and melamine, because it ensures that your cuts are straight and true every time.


 Track saws are lightweight, which means you can take them anywhere you need them — unlike table saws or miter saws.

4.Easier to maneuver:

 A track saw doesn’t need clamps and set up quickly and accurately so you don’t have to measure twice to cut once. They are very easy to operate and they make cutting large pieces of lumber very simple. This type of tool is great for any type of construction worker or home owner who needs a quick way to get some work done around the house or office without having to hire someone else to do it for them

 5. Prevents tear-out on both sides of the cut:

The support base keeps the track flat on your material so you get smooth cuts on both sides instead of just one as with a traditional circular saw or table saw. The rail acts as a fence you can clamp to the workpiece for making straight cuts without having to line up the blade with a pencil line first.

If you are going to pay for the cost of a table saw, circular saw, drill and other power tools to use in remodeling, you might as well buy this tool that is extremely accurate and fast when making cuts. A track saw is a miniature version of a table saw, which uses an abrasive blade that glides across a metal track. You can do incredible work with it–which can make or break your projects in the long run.

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