Home of Hues Amalgamates Pragmatic Function and Sense of Warmth with Grace & Minimal Design | Studio Emerald

Nestled in the residential segment of Narsingi, a quiet satellite town of Hyderabad, the Home of Hues is a home that amalgamates pragmatic function and a sense of warmth with grace and minimal design. Conceptualized for a young working couple and their family, the impetus that drove the creation of this home was the notion of creating an oasis of comfort for them all to cherish and reside in.

Home of Hues Amalgamates Pragmatic Function and Sense of Warmth with Grace & Minimal Design | Studio Emerald

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Handed over in a challenging timeline of merely four months, the brief that the homeowners shared was focused on desiring a functionality-driven scheme of spaces while being reflective of their cultural roots, tracing back to the ‘City of Joy’ – Kolkata yet keeping minimal design in mind. The inspiration herein stemmed from wanting to honor their heritage while employing a modern grammar of design ­ — a coming together of the old and the new with generous cameos of color, texture, and an interplay of patterns.

The abode unfurls into a petite living area that is the nucleus of gatherings and conversations for the family. Ruled by a medley of vibrant colors, the space is headlined by hues of emerald-green, salmon pink, taupe, and a collage of zestful prints. The anchoring 3-seater deep green sofa rests against the geometric pink accent wall which lends the space an additional dimension.

The custom television wall is bathed in neutrals and ingeniously makes room to store away ottomans. The feature that stands out in the space is the gallery wall which hosts vignettes that honor the Bengali roots the Chatterjee’s possess; this has been expressed in the form of a traditional portrait of Goddess Durga, the quintessential Calcutta yellow taxis, the trams, the Victoria Memorial, and the colossal Howrah Bridge. A floral-patterned wingback reading chair graces the corner and has been paired with indoor greens to enliven this cozy nook with elements of minimal design.

Bordering the living area is the open plan dining cum kitchen section of the home that was conceived as an area to host and dine in with flair. The dining zone is segregated from the living room by a sleek leaf silhouette nature-inspired mild steel partition system which offers views of the space beyond while maintaining privacy maintaining language of minimal design.

Doused in a palette of blues and intricate Portuguese-inspired patterns, the kitchen was a portion of the home that witnessed a significant overhaul in terms of its layout. A formerly existing internal wall was demolished to open the heart of the kitchen. In its place a breakfast counter was introduced; this was a design feature the lady of the home was extremely keen regarding! With its renewed layout, the kitchen hosts additional storage, surfaces to prep, dine, and initiate interaction amidst family members. The blue and white motif tiles dot the wall dado and the face of the breakfast counter, thus contrasting sharply against the tinted black glass cabinetry and appliances.

The snug 4-person round dining table is flanked by a statement blue crockery cum bar credenza that houses silverware and the choicest beverages collected passionately by the clients. The top tier cabinets have been rendered in black tinted glass with profile lights that are internally lit to elevate the visual luxe factor. The credenza is bookended by an elegant vanity with a cantilevered handwash nook that is backed by a rustic stone veneer. This carries through from the cabinetry and is embellished by a round backlit mirror over the vanity nook.

The private bedrooms at the Home of Hues prioritize the end-user’s comfort while representing their personal design sensibilities seamlessly. The master bedroom is a sanctuary for the couple and hosts core spaces for them to dwell and unwind in while surrounded by its comfort curated with elements of minimal design. The room’s palette is dominated by neutrals and is underscored by touches of green. The velvet upholstered bed is set against a fluted wood headboard which extends itself as a picturesque window seat.

This spot is followed by a capacious built-in wardrobe that is adorned with solid and veined veneer. The wall-mounted television unit carries forth the same fluted surface treatment. On the other side, an expansive vanity nook is complete with plenty of storage niches and a dressing mirror.

The mother’s bedroom dabbles in shades of blue, grey, and the warmth of wood. A single bed is juxtaposed against a storage credenza, bookcase, and a pooja corner that is concealed behind delicate jaali work shutters. A console under the television stretches out as a compact vanity and the full-length wall mirror adds to the visual expanse of the room. A wooden study desk by the balcony sits beside the wardrobe section, creating a quaint nook to work remotely from.

Inhabited by the youngest member of the home, the son’s bedroom is one that champions the child’s sense of fantasy and love for superheroes while creating a space that can grow with his evolving needs. The room is sectioned into zones for resting and learning, with umpteen storage and niches to display his loved collectables and curios that allow him to claim ownership over his bedroom.

White as a color presides over the resting space, as seen in the form of the bed and the adjacent study desk. Colour here makes a debut in the form of graphic-printed blinds, upholstery, and thematic art. The dressing unit combines storage and an illuminated mirror-front shutter to create a practical corner for the young user. The built-in wooden wardrobes assume an L-form orientation, creating a study nook that consists of a two-way slider bookshelf, whiteboard, and tin board. Large ceiling lights have been introduced to ensure that the room has enhanced lighting for all activities. With the Home of Hues, Studio Emerald had strived to ensure that the conceptual renders and drawings created for this home came to life in every sense of the word! Despite the innumerable challenges posed by the Pandemic, the Principal Designers find gratitude in the fact that the clients feel truly represented and as they inhabit this dwelling. This project has allowed the homeowner’s heritage to come to the forefront while donning a modern persona, creating a cocoon of their memories in a new city they now call home.

Fact File

Designed By: Studio Emerald

Typology: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Home of Hues

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Duration: 4 Months

Year Built: 2021

Size: 1829 sq.ft.

Design Team: Moin Mohammed

Content Credits: Lavanya Chopra

Photography Credits: Raisen Majhi

Products and Materials: Lighting: Casa Lights | Furniture: IKEA FabIndia | Paints: Asian Paints | Hardware: Ebco

Firm’s Website Link: Studio Emerald

Firm’s Facebook Link: Studio Emerald

Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Emerald

Disclaimer: No TAD editor is involved in the curation of this content.

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