Sourcing Affordable Architects

Hiring an architect can help make your project stand out from the rest. Some people avoid hiring an architect in a bid to cut down on the project’s expenses. If you’re planning to hire one, you expect to get value for your money.

These days, you can easily find freelance architect who charge affordable rates. There are plenty of freelance sites on the internet where architects working as freelancers advertise their services. In this guide, we will share some tips to help your source affordable architects.

Use Online Freelancer Sites

Some architects advertise their site on sites such as Fiverr or Upwork. Their service rates are considerably cheaper. Most of them will bill you on an hourly basis. As such, you can save quite a lot on consultation fees.

Whenever you’re hiring an architect from freelancing sites, make sure you ask for their portfolio. You can also ask to talk to some of their previous clients. A good architect will have plenty of positive reviews on their freelancing account.

Go to Small Architectural Firms

Though most people consider years of experience when hiring an architect, you can forego this and look for upcoming architects. They will typically charge less as they are looking to attract more clients and build their profile. If you’re Sourcing Affordable Architects, small architectural firms will typically fit the bill.

It might be scary to give business to a firm or architect with no experience. However, you can ease your fears by discussing through your plans well beforehand and sharing your idea with the team. Many at times, newbie architects will have a portfolio with designs that influence their style.

Ask for Referrals 

Sometimes consulting friends or family can help you source for cheap architects within your area. You might even get a discount as a recommendation from a previous client. Whenever you’re asking for referrals, make sure to state how much you’re planning to spend on the project.

Most of the time, construction managers or consultants can refer their in-house architect. One good thing about referral is that you’re assured of quality workmanship. Besides that, you get proper value for your money.

Consider Paying an Hourly Rate

Instead of paying a blanket fee, which can be quite expensive, you should consider paying an hourly rate. This can be cheaper as you will only visit the architect when you need to work on your project. 

Most freelancer architect charge an hourly rate. However, it isn’t difficult to find an in-house architect who may accept to bill you on an hourly fee. 

Bottom Line 

Hiring an architect shouldn’t be a problem if you have access to the internet. Most architectural firms have websites and offer quotes for free. Don’t focus too much on the rates and be sure to check the quality of work and years of experience.

Also, make sure that you hire an architect who is certified. Ask for their portfolio to get an idea of some of the projects they have worked on. In summary, a good and affordable architect will be real value for money.