Earthy Palette and Bold Décor make for this Minimal Home | Beyond Arch Studio

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A 2800 crpt apartment “SILVER HEIGHTS” located in prime location of Morbi. We decided to go for an Minimal Home Art Deco design style interiors for the space.The brief demanded the home to be designed in a solid pastel color palette for Minimal Home.

Earthy Palette and Bold Décor make for this Minimal Home | Beyond Arch Studio

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The main door consists of brass processed by denting and finished with melamine coating. The wooden patti gives an extraordinary charm to the entrance. The foyer inlays with statue and birds which gives positive, natural vibes to the living.To give a minimal design we have proposed sitting with chairs.Sofa is designed with brass elements gives a luxurious feel to the living. The back drop of the chair is designed by M.S frame with black and brass coated it creates a extraordinary look to the wall. stone veneer used in tv unit gives a natural vibes to the mood.Floor lamp at the corner of the sofa gives a pleasant effect to the living.Balcony cover with plantation such as areca palm, bonsai, snake plant.

The quartz stone on counter top and walls with dining top gives a classy look to the kitchen. The olive green shade of back painted glass gives a clam and pleasant effect to the kitchen.Common area gives a green palette to the interior. The back drop of the dining is designed with pebble stone effect and birds sitting on wire for natural look. Dining table consists of bench to accommodate more sitting . The common basin is designed with metal frame structure and full mirror creates wise look to the space.

The shlokas in the back drop creates a surrounding vibe. The walls are designed with mud art work consists of mirror and paint work.Mandir door is designed for multipurpose that can be fully open when needed.

Master room is designed with moulding patti and terrazo marble. Head board is desgined by satin fabric to creates an creasing effect. The round table creates theme to the room.Back painted glass is used as a door surface to the wardrobe. Moulding is aso used for tv unit designed.

Texture on the back drop of the bed creates a cool effect to the room .The shutter of the wardrobe is designed with the help of fabric cover with simple glass and same fbaric is used to the headboard of bed. T.V unit with the side of mirror storage.

Prerequirements of client was that we dont want to used veneer in children room. so here we designed with concrete effect grey laminate with lacquer color with pastel tone such as rose pink and navy blue color. sons bedroom consists of metal frame structure used as study table and wardrobe handle.Study table in daughter room is also used as a dressing. Back drop of daughter room is designed with MDF with wooden window pattern and side curtains gives queen like surrounding. Side lamp and hanging light above the study table gives a reading mood to the environment. Open shelf at the corner of wardrobe for book storage and props.

Fact File

Designed by : Beyond Arch Studio

Project Type : Residence Interior Design

Project Name : Mr. And Mr.s Sarsavadiya

Location : Morbi, Gujarat

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 10 Months

Project Size: 2800 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 70 Lac

Principal Architects : Neil kalawadia, Rushabh Mehta, Sagar Meghani

Photograph Courtesy : Beyond_photography_88

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