• Modern Architecture and Indian Accents Exhibit Ideal Blend in Bhatnagar’s Residence |Pramana Design Studio

    Bhatnagar’s Residence is 4500 sqft in size is scrupulously designed by Pramana Design studio in U.P, India. A unique Modern Architecture style with open space planning enhancing the individuality of each area was the ultimate goal of the design parameters. The project was briefed as a challenge to reuse the old furniture and purchase material from the local artisans and karigars to cut the cost and make each piece well customized and satisfying the family’s traditional beliefs of THE PYRAMID: Avoid transportation + Reduce the waste + Reuse the old materials available + Use products that can be recycled + Dispose off as less as you can.

    Modern Architecture and Indian Accents Exhibit Ideal Blend in Bhatnagar’s Residence | Pramana Design Studio

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    Maximum material was purchased locally to avoid much cartage, the older furniture was reused and refurbished with minimum wastage and recyclable material, also producing an abundance of opportunities to work and earn for the local karigars, who are mostly blurred or underpaid in our construction world. The waste was disposed off to the authorities very well segregated between crushable and recyclable, also making the entire project a lot more fun.

    Using neutral tones with pastels in the bedrooms adds up the relaxation and peace that one wants in the bedroom. Greens are used to release stress, greys are used for restfulness and peace, pinewood is used to enhance the excitement, and blues to keep the mindfulness in peace and help in bringing the feeling of joy in the house. The entire color palette was designed in such a way to make the spaces look fruitful and energetic.

    The material selection, color palette, décor items were carefully selected in a manner with not much variation and continuing a cohesive approach. Tints of brown, beige with natural lighting in abundance, and getting closer to the greens give a very subtle and earthy vibe overall. Soft textures in natural shades add up the sophistication to the simplicity. Handmade Cane wardrobe, cast iron railings, cast iron pergolas, and pinewood wardrobe are the design attractions of the entire project which showcased one of a kind design approach and enhanced the vocal for local thought process.

    A terrace garden designed with a mini theatre in the house in the hues of purple and beige to stimulate conversations and get people together. The space showcases luxury and brings excitement with an added element of a fish pond right in the middle of the room.

    The project exhibits the use of the right amount of light, no mixing of too many colors in the wrong balances, and painted walls with dramatic segregations of lines and breaks to enhance the excitement in the most peaceful ways. The right color for the right feel, with local artisans the job done right, gives the most satisfying feeling from the moment you enter the house.

    Bathrooms are very well designed as private retreats for relaxation and rejuvenation. Warm colors and whites for a sense of cleanliness and purity. Black and greys give a spa-like feeling and promote secrecy, calmness, and freshness in the bathrooms.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Pramana Design Studio

    Project Type : Residence Architecture & Design

    Project Name : Bhatnagar’s Residence

    Location : Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

    Year Built : 2021

    Duration of project : 1 Year

    Project Size: sq feet :  1615 Sq.ft

    Project Cost Appx : 20 Lac

    Principal Architect : Neha Bhasin

    Team Design Credits : Kapil Gautam, Mehek Bhatnagar

    Photograph Courtesy : Tushar Garg

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Pramana Design Studio

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