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Duplex At Oberoi Exquisite | Facilis

The little brief that the client gave us included some visual preferences like a kitchen to have European café elements, daughter’s liking for honeybees, pink color, and son’s favorite Iron man.


The house was expected to be functional, fully on automation by the house owners. The house needed to have bundles of storage and we were requested to use every inch possible for storage, still giving the house an open look.


In this duplex, the vertical spaces were planned and designed in congruence with the layout. The floor, the vertical faces, and the ceilings were conceptualized at one go. Taking cues from the client’s visual preferences the different room was conceptualized on different design concepts. The daughter’s bed back is with PVC sheets layered in scanty arrangements of honey bees. One of the night table’s back was given a pair of solid surfaces banana leaves. The same leaves were replicated in the ceiling. The pink grid resonated with the color loved by their daughter. This grid also gave the much-needed break due to the limitation of the size of the PVC sheets.

Daughter’s bathroom space was relatively small, so to save on counter space I planned an unconventional bracing counter with a cleft to contain the pedestal basin. This ’Z’ like a brace for the counter starts as a mirror bottom shelf with a hollow to receive flower sticks in pleasant blue, to gently deviate the pink scheme. The mirror above the basin was handicapped due to a window amid. This scene was deceived by carrying the mirror over the window.

Red & blue colours of the son’s room drew inspiration from IronMan, the son’s favouritefictional character. A lightening striking from the ceiling all the way to the bed back, forms the distinguished attribute. Few industrial add-ons, flavor the décor of the room.The non-convention in the son’s bathroom in terms of the red wall hung basin, floor mount faucet, bigger mirrors, metallic claddings, chunky shelf serving good to house essentials in absence of a counter, multiply expanse physically & visually in constrained spaces. The pixelated walls add to the attitude of the bathroom’s vogue.

Master bed was requested to have a reflection of the love & affection, the couple had for each other. Couple’s pictures were hence the first choice to reflect on the idea and monochromatic to keep it subtle. The subtleness of the monochromatic pictures was harnessed with oak wood & emerald glass.Keeping everything crisp, simple, streamlined, cut edged, gave us a chance to go ahead with little detailing for the closet shutters. Few artworks on solid wood were picked up & transformed as closet’s shutters. Printed oak wood veneer with an emerald shelf articulated into an effortless yet magnetic backdrop for the bed. The green element from the room was reflected in terms of a green onyx in the bathroom. Bathroom column offset was taken out of focus by creating back lit, overlapping mirror surfaces above the basin.  

A mirror panel at the entry opens up the barrier visually and defeats the passage look. The “skew” shaped mirror panels edged in veneer appear floating inspite of being extruded from the mirror panelled wall. The hand sculpted shelf in stone is housed on the console to juxtapose the ultra-finished nature of the mirror.

Double height aesthetics of this duplex is further enhanced by randomly scattering clusters of handcrafted shells. Glass railed family room sits above the kitchen. The family room being completely visible from the double-height living room and dining it’s design features necessarily possess blending nature. The zebra library shutters fuse very well with the whole area due to its monochromatic nature.


SIZE                      : 3500 SQFT       







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