Dramatic Restaurant Design | Karigars 

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Dramatic Restaurant Design | Karigars 

The main motive behind this dramatic restaurant was to identify a single design idiom that is outstanding and profound in its approach. To achieve the same a dark theme was picked with a lively environment. The project intends to be calm and comfortable for the visitors to have a great time with their close ones here. It broadly follows the principals of Contemporary style designing while occupying a sufficient area on the Fourth floor. The friendly space produced brings people of several age groups to feel familiar with space and generate positive emotions among them. The other related areas like kitchen and service zones are hidden from the main sitting area.

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When you step in the restaurant, first you witness the reception desk which looks so enchanting due to its metal framework in the front in yellow. The false grass used on the wall behind makes the space feel so dynamic at the very entrance. The simple flooring in single color vitrified tile makes the area look bigger visually than the actual space. The 20’ long MS partition kept segregates the dining space from the reception counter and maintains the privacy needed by the people having their meals inside. The modern geometric patterns painted in white and black create a partial vision though. The lightings for this area is kept low and dim to create excitement for the upcoming eatery section.

The restaurant extends longitudinally with a chic color combination of browns and navy. The strategic distribution of the spaces allows the right distribution of the crowd at peak times. The dedicated balconies in the layout were converted into romantic couple sit-outs. To keep up the feel of this nook beaded curtains was utilized as a striking element.

The glass window gives you a view while sitting with your beloved one. The columns with acrylic sheet backlit are used as an impressive lighting component giving warm and yellow light for a cozier surrounding. Space is enriched with indoor pants fixed in the partition mentioned earlier. The alluring light fittings over the tables are made up of 30mm UPVC pipes in a golden finish. These pendant ceiling lights produce splendid effects and create beautiful stimulations of twinkling stars. The simplified installation requires minimum maintenance as well.

The convenient settings have an earthy look to it and possess a two-toned sofa cover. The guests can choose the seating depending upon the individual as well as the concerned situation. The neatly exposed ceiling conceives the vernaculars of the place. To classify and differentiate between the contemporary and formal spaces different wall treatments have been done. Some walls are accentuated with the leaf-like patterns in gold which brings grace to the interiors. The impressive wall arts and graffiti boost up the inner experience which is then magnified with the downlights.

As the place is so full of liveliness and beautiful ambiance so the designer decided to give a small tribute to the legend Charlie Chaplin by a hand-painted wall art who filled the lives of many with happiness and colors. Some space is also associated with live music and party area which makes the place more captivating in real sense. Guitars are used as a décor element in the restaurant to make the visitor relish the melody of life and appreciate the present moment.

Fact File:

Name of project: Myra Restro

Firm: Karigars 

Location: Jalna, Maharashtra

Category: Restaurant

Design by: Vikramkapoor

Area: 2300 sqft

Project year: 2018

Photographs: Nitinmahajan (black box studio)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VikramKapoorsKarigar

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karigars_vikram/

About Firm:

Myself  Vikram Kapoor bachelors in civil engineering started my firm Karigars in 2006 after gaining considerable experience in furniture designing and space planning at my maternal uncle’s modular furniture factory apart from this I had never got a chance to take experience under any architects or interior designers. It was a bit tough initially but my zeal and too do spirits help me to achieve my goals.

Even though from the small town I believe it’s not the place where you stay but it’s the thoughts that you think, but sadly many people don’t feel the same. Thus let your work speak for you.

Firm design Philosophy is to keep simple, functional, cost-effective and yet aesthetically good looking. We are a client-driven designer who often formulates several design solutions and allows a client to choose their favorite one. As we believe everybody deserves a space they enjoy being in. The firm is having experience in working in different areas like residential, retails, office & hospitality. As a designer basic need is, constantly try to evolve new concepts, designs, and ideas which will be functional and effective. Now the focus of the firm is to get recognized at the platforms wherein it gives the feeling of appreciation of your ideas, work, and creativity. These focus energies us to constantly try to be creative.

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