5 Reasons Why 3D Modeling Is Important In Architecture

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Have you heard about 3D architecture models? Of course, everyone has. Right? Nowadays, it is a buzzing topic!! This technology has been used everywhere, from animation graphics to the construction of the 50-floor tower! The main reason for it’s growing popularity is that this helps us to get the perfect idea of any building or any structure even before its construction. It really creates a dramatic impact on project execution in a much positive way. 

Before the construction of a building, a lot of research goes into the creation of its 3D model. These 3D architecture models are created with the use of software like AutoCAD and with the process of photogrammetry.

An image speaks a thousand words – So true! You might have already experienced this, right? A picture can tell you everything which you’re not able to say even in a thousand words. 


What are 3D models?

Basically, a 3D model is the digital representation of any part or area of the site, which sometimes includes nearby fields and terrain sites. It has everything that you’ll find in any actual building after the construction. 

Did you know that these 3D architecture models are constructed with the help of advanced technology? Some companies also use 3D high-resolution imagery and photogrammetry techniques with the help of software like Autocad to get precise and accurate details. 

So, here are some reasons why this 3D modeling is important in architecture: 


1. Realistic

3D models are the miniature form of any architecture, but it is so realistic and accurate that you’ll not be able to differentiate between the real one and the model. It is made from the 2D sketches, photos of the actual buildings. With the 3D model, your client can take a virtual tour of the construction project. That will help them to understand the construction process and how things will come out at the end. 

“Just imagine how wonderful it would be to purchase your dream house after taking a virtual tour of it. You will be able to understand each and every minute detail about it.”


2. Easy Re-modeling and Corrections

This is one of the most important factors to opt for a 3D model. When you have a 3D model, you can easily see minute detailings and correct or modify them easily. This will really help in finalizing the structure and design, which is not possible after the real construction of the site. 


3. Boon for Interior Designers

In older timers, designers had difficulty in explaining the designs & structure to the client. But now, with the help of this 3D technology, they can create designs and easily show it to the people. In addition, they can modify the designs as per the liking of the client. Now, they can see everything, such as paints, ceilings, and even furniture. Isn’t it is a boon for interior designers & also for us? 


4. Measurements

Did you know that these 3D models are accurate upto 15 cm and without any error? Yes, they are like this. They are designed in such a way that they have every little detailings. This is the main reason due to which we can now see modern buildings and houses with such immaculate details and precision.


5. Better for Marketing and Project Approvals

These 3D models have vivid images that you can view at various projection angles. This thing adds a significant factor in marketing. As by this, you’re able to show your customer the exact details which will feature in the project. This will increase the project approval rate in the real estate or any business. 

Here are some more benefits of 3D architecture models: 

  • Increases the productivity
  • Fewer changes
  • Less error
  • Decreases the cost and rework
  • Increases the chances of approval
  • Elimination of field interferences
  • Gives you in-depth knowledge about the project

A 2D design sometimes may need extra help like manual instructions to understand the structure, which sometimes creates a language barrier. But fortunately, this is not the case with 3D models. They are quite natural to understand for any human being. 

So, what are your thoughts on the 3D architecture models? We’re pretty sure that you love them. When you have the power to make changes in the design via 3D models, it is quite evident that the result is going to be extra-ordinary!! 


If you are planning to develop your very own architectural project whether for a college or your own company order 3D architectural models right away!

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