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This site is located in the new budding area of Mumbai, at New Cuffe Parade (Wadala). This project is extremely close to my heart because its none other than my parents’ home & thus we are calling it “Coming Home”. The visualisation of this place had started as soon as I saw it for the first time. Keeping in mind their likes, wants & needs this space is ergonomically convenient for the senior citizens as well as their young son who is about to start a family. This is approximately a 1000 sq.ft area including the balconies in all the rooms offering distant views of the mono rail & other parts of the city. The brief for this place was to keep it Cosy, Well-Lit And Functional. Thus, we’ve used a lot of natural looking materials & kept it warm with light colours & wallpaper.

Cosy, Well-Lit And Functional | STUDIO PRASHA


Starting off with the entrance door, we’ve done something out of the box by using an iron mesh sandwiched glass as the front grill door with wooden frame finished in lamination polish. As soon as this idea was proposed, that is of using glass instead of the regular cliché S.S. grills, they were stunned & couldn’t think of it as a security measure. But I’m glad I could convince them for the same; it worked out wonders & the entrance looks very different from any other entrances we’ve seen thus far.

We had an extra area at the entrance sort of like a porch for the house where we could’ve planned a shoe rack or a console etc. (which was our initial idea ) but later they decided that they wanted to keep it open & so adorns the Buddha on a stand that we sourced from ‘Home Store’.

We cladded the walls with a beautiful mosaic made from limestone from none other than Stone Source. This look depicts the warmth to the entrance of the home with a small mirror (from Shopper Stop) and a small brass Ganesh idol (from Satguru’s).

The main space in the living room is the dining area where most of the interaction happens throughout the day. The table was custom made with a whole piece of wood, laminated for its protection. Adding to this is the hanging light above the table from ‘Hybec’, which eventually became the center of attention for the room.

We’ve kept the dining chairs & bench concept which is wooden rafters, again custom made, and the sofa which is actually a sofa cum bed to accommodate visitors. We’ve made a few changes in the common wall between the living area & the kitchen to give more counter space in the kitchen including storage below the platform & the upper bit of this same wall becomes the library area from the living room side. All the balconies have a tinge of greens either on the walls or the floor & since the parents are keepers for real plants, there are a ton of those all over the house as well.

The master bedroom is cosy with veneer & wooden flooring to keep it natural & earthy. But to give this a break we’ve added a subtle wallpaper on the front facia of the wardrobe shutters covered in glass to protect it from dust. Also the chests of drawers have a different element of the same wood cut into pieces to make a mosaic pattern.

To complement the look of this room, its upholstery is light beige & golden weaves with a subtle & small motif design. But the main attraction in this room as you enter is a mirror dressing unit which we bought out of a store at Bhiwandi furniture mall. It offers as a side table as well as a hanging mirror which on a pivot can serve as a full reflection mirror at the same time. Smartly designed & well utilized, this piece fits perfectly in this room.

As a contrast to the master & the living spaces, keeping it light yet cozy, for the son’s room we’ve used a beige PU on the furniture with a backlit translucent glass for the sliding wardrobe shutter. To create a contrast in the room, one of the walls is in a grey wallpaper & a big mirror to make the room look bigger than its actual size.

Facing challenges are a part of all projects & this one was noting different. The main challenge for this project was storage space. We had to create a lot of space in every corner of the house which had to be smartly hidden & camouflaged so it doesn’t show as evidently. The ducts too have been utilized with legal permissions. This home consists of dry walls as any other new building in the city. The challenge for such walls is that we need to convert all into sturdy ones to hang heavy equipment or hangings . Thus all such walls need to be planned & ply fitted in the right positions during the initial stages itself.

All in all, a home that is appreciated by all & comfortable for the clients, meeting all their requirements is what a designer’s dream come true would be!

Fact File

Designed by : STUDIO PRASHA

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : Coming Home

Location : Wadala, Mumbai

Year Built : 2020

Duration of project : 8 months

Project Size :  950 sq.ft

Project Cost : 35 Lacs

Principal Architect : Dolly Ghelani

Photograph Courtesy : Studio.prasha

Firm’s Instagram Link : STUDIO PRASHA


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