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    Anyone can create a space with four walls and call it a house, but it takes a true designer to create a home out of any given space. The Crossboundaries has done an exemplary work by creating a distinctive home with all the luxuries and amenities which definitely has an edge over the others. Billipatra Residence, being a subtle blend of grey tones, soft curves along with the signature mark of The Crossboundaries is definitely a treat for the eyes of a spectator. This home is A Spectacular Blend Of Textures, Grooves, Smoothened Edges And Varied Kinds Of Lights and also maintains a perfect synergy between the outside and the inside. This 4000 sq.ft 4 BHK residence is a luxurious avenue with varied amenities all coming together to create a perfect home. The Crossboundaries has created spaces in such a way that the people in the house are not confined into the stereotypical four- walled spaces but the free flowing curved edges signify the easy movement amidst the house. Transparency and openness play an important role here in Billipatra Residence. One can observe the color scheme used is a subtle tone of grey but to break the monotony dark reddish credenza, a sculpture and a node is provided which creates a sense of suspense and it brings forth itself as a surprise element.

    A Spectacular Blend Of Textures, Grooves, Smoothened Edges And Varied Kinds Of Lights | The Crossboundaries

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    The entrance foyer takes you to the formal living room via the main entrance, wherein the door, the sit out bench and the adjacent TV cabinet along with the wall behind have this distinctive grooves created from plaster of Paris which definitely brings out a varied beautiful affect. To keep the ceiling minimal lights are all concealed into the ceiling and are designed in such a way that the lights seem to merge into the ceiling i.e. camouflaged.

    Landscape plays an important role in bringing life to the space. Thus, landscape pockets have been created in varied forms and are also used for the purpose of creating a partial partition. One can observe openness being a key principal aspect and thus, the formal living room is then connected to the family seating, the informal living. Both these spaces have access to the deck ornamented with lush green landscape and a water body sliding through the exterior wall. There is an opening with soft edges which is functional and can be used for seating which opens up to the staircase and a magnificent floating sculpture.

    This attempt of creating a picture frame for the spectator from the entrance itself definitely is unique.  The living rooms further takes you to the upper floor and the dinning which is attached to the kitchen. The staircase used is also beautifully curated with granite. The edges of the tread are smoothened and the railing consists of clutched wires. The passages all over are staggered and are a combination of blasted granite, semi-gloss granite and river finish granite

    The dinning and kitchen spaces are designed in such a way that both are separate yet connected. The kitchen provided is modular, and is user friendly. The double height in the dinning region provides ample amount of sunlight and creates enormous volume. The dinning top is extendable and black marquine stone is used for the top. Same color palette along with Italian matt flooring and a hanging chandelier makes the dinning look quite beautiful.

    Parents’ bedroom is located on the ground floor. The bedroom is a blend of whites, mint green and veneer. Mint green is used for the backing and is done in lime plaster.

    The staircase will take you to the floor above, wherein three bedrooms- the sons’ bedroom, daughter’s bedroom and a guest bedroom are located.

    The daughter’s bedroom is enriched with beautiful interiors. The room consists of a bed, study, storage and TV unit along with a walk-in wardrobe with fluted glass and divisions with a toilet. Two beautiful mirrors along with two beautiful hanging lamps can be seen onto both sides of the bed. Beautiful blue tone with a tint of rose-gold used enhances the beauty of the space. To maintain the harmony, the slab is kept naked.

    The sons’ bedroom consists of a bed, study, storage and TV unit along with a walk-in wardrobe and a toilet. The bed-back is a fluidic art work made up of fiber and   a beautiful semi- circular mirror symbolizing the crescent moon, jeweled with light around it is placed exactly besides the balcony opening. The bedroom opens up to the beautiful balcony. The groove pattern is found to be used here as well along with a seating, Kota brown and black flooring is used here.

    The guest bedroom rekindles along with the grey tone and consists of a bed, storage and a TV unit along with the walk-in wardrobe and a toilet. Vitrified tiles are used here. Grooves are made at the bed back. To maintain this harmony at the bed back, the window opening besides the bed is given a folded door which when closed makes the bed back look magnificent.

    On the second floor a multipurpose hall with a high stool table and a recliner seating is provided. The theme for the hall was the FCB Barcelona football team. The floor is matt. A showcase for showcasing varied artifacts is provided. The hall is equipped with a projector making it possible to create a home theatre via a single click. Interesting play of fluted glass and the RGB lighting is created in a stepped manner.

    This multipurpose hall is connected to the open terrace which is flourished with beautiful landscape via the periphery which acts as a safety barrier. The landscape patch is not just aesthetical but also functional, the seating is topped with the black granite.


    Designed by : The Crossboundaries

    Project Type : Residential Interiors

    Project Name : Billipatra Residence

    Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

    Year Built : 2021

    Duration of project : 18 month

    Built up : 5000 sq.ft

    Project Size :  5000 sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Harsh Boghani

    Team Design Credits : Vijay Dabhi, Rishabh Prajapati, Neel Patel, Akshat Barve, Aditya & Purva Khodbole.

    Photograph Courtesy : Cross Clicks Photography

    Firm’s Website Link : The Crossboundaries

    Firm’s Instagram Link : The Crossboundaries

    Firm’s Facebook Link : The Crossboundaries


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