• Monochromatic Showroom at Surat | Abrigo Architects

    As an architect, designing the furnishing studio is a kind of challenging task because every single product that a showroom consists of has different colors , textures and feelings.

    Monochromatic Showroom at Surat | Abrigo Architects

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    We designed this showroom in such a manner using a grey color pallet as a base so, Everything from bottom to top is monochrome, so we can highlight the colorful products of the showroom.

    For the drape display as well as the other products we use ambient light for the display to embrace the texture of different  fabrics and also use the mirror at the entrance cubicle wall so the reflection gives a wider looking space.


    Designed by : Abrigo Architects

    Project Type : Retail Store

    Project Name : Vedanti Drape Studio

    Location : SURAT

    Year Built : 2021

    Duration of project : 2021

    Project Size: sq feet : 2515.sq.ft.

    Project Cost Appx : 15 lakh

    Principal Architect : Ar. Dhaval Patel, I.D. Surabhi Patel

    Team Design Credits : Kishan Savaliya, Nehal Dobariya

    Interior Styling :Kalpit Art Studio

    Client Name : Dhrumanbhai Patel , Manishbhai Vadodariya, Abhishek Shyani, Ghanshyam Zalavadiya

    Photograph Courtesy : Rohan Patel

    Products And Materials :

    Artefacts : Kalpit art studio | Wallpaper : Sabysachi | Hardware : Zuma

    Consultants for the Project : Interior Designers : Abrigo Architects | Contractors : Bipin Chauhan | Interior Styling : Kalpit Art Studio    

    Colour Palette :

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