5 Features of Good Quality Kitchen Cabinets

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The most striking feature of your kitchen is the cabinets. They affect the overall look of that space, and therefore you should invest in quality cabinetry. The high-quality ones should serve you for at least 20 years before you decide to renovate your kitchen. The materials, construction, and craftsmanship will require you to dig deeper in your pocket, but it will be worth it. However, you need to know how quality cabinets look like to avoid being duped. Here are the five key features of good quality kitchen cabinets that you need to know.

  1. Designed According to Your Preferences

Don’t be in a rush. Allow your cabinet maker to create a plan for your cabinets. After they are done, plan and hire someone to refine the materials. Take some time to understand how your kitchen will be in use and figure out where your small appliances and utensils can be placed or stored. That will help you understand the preferable cabinetry that serves your needs.

Metropolitan Cabinet

The small appliances like blenders and toasters. Do you want them hidden from view? Do you want people to see your garbage can in your kitchen? Are you thinking of storing linen and cleaners in the same kitchen? The answers to these questions will help you decide the best cabinet.

  1. Back Panels

The back of the cabinet affects its strength. The strongest cabinet is built with heavy plywood on the back. If you don’t check carefully, you might have a cabinet with a weak back panel which would make your cabinet fall later on, with everything in or on it.

A strong back panel allows the cabinet to be attached directly to the wall studs every time you want to put it back. There will be no need for hanging rails since the strength of plywood is from top to bottom.

  1. Constructed with Quality Material

The boxes that complete cabinets are usually made in varying sizes and with different materials. However, the materials used can vary according to the manufacturer and cost.

There has been a debate on which material is best, but it all depends on the individual. Some of the materials used are the solid wood for the face, plywood, medium density fireboard, and particle board.

The materials used matter a lot because they play a vital role in longevity, durability, and quality.

  1. Have Soft-close Hinges

Cabinet hinges are essential parts of a kitchen cabinet. They will help you open and close the doors. Poor or low-quality hinges can cause stiffness, become loose, or create uneven doors. Soft-close hinges, on the other hand, are adjustable and reduce the slamming sound of the doors and drawers. So, when you check your unfinished cabinet doors, ensure they have soft-close hinges.

The soft-close hinge is mechanically designed. It has a hardened steel hinge that is adjustable in six ways which are in-out, left-right, and up-down. That’s to allow youto adjust your cabinet doors whenever they expand or contract due to seasonal changes. Be aware of hinges that have only four-way adjustability and no lifetime warranty.

  1. Have a Stronger Drawer Construction

Drawers are the most straightforward solutions to your storage for most items in your kitchen. They are, however, more complicated to construct. They have to be stronger to survive wear and tear. Therefore, make sure that your drawers are solid.

When choosing drawers, look for the ones with dovetailed joints and with strong drawer bottom.  Alternatively, using a metal drawer box instead of plywood or solid wood can be an excellent idea. Metal ones are obviously more durable, and you won’t worry about seeing the bottom fall out.


Designing your kitchen is not like walking across the park. You have to do a lot of research, be patient, and hire experts. How you make your decisions will determine whether your cabinets will serve you for over 20 years or you will go back to your pocket after a few years. Find excellent quality kitchen cabinets to start off.

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