• Conceptualising A Community Workspace For The AYCS Office | M.A.D.E by Urvashi Sathaye

    This 780 sqft office space was demolished entirely to renovate and create a brand-new space for a younger clientele. The brief involved making sure that the office had to be very unique and be a fun environment to work in. And it had to be blue. Not entirely but there had to be a definite use of blue in the space. Keeping this brief in mind, the entire office is built with custom designed partitions and furniture. Even some of the light fittings were customised and custom ordered for the space. So, the entire office space is divided into the following zones.

    Conceptualising A Community Workspace For The AYCS Office | M.A.D.E by Urvashi Sathaye

    visit : M.A.D.E by Urvashi Sathaye

    The main cabin – Conceptualising a community workspace for the AYCS office, where both the founders didn’t want a traditional executive desk set-up. So, we planned a bench seating along the two walls of the room, and custom built an all-white table to work from.

    This ensured maximum flexibility in seating space, and a comfortable relaxed environment. The cabin partitions and sliding doors are painted in a blue – purple gradient inside and out to add the fun element to this space.

    The step seating – This is the second most eye catching feature in the office. It’s also a favourite feature with the entire team. The whole structure is custom built with an aluminum support structure, clad in ply and then mdf. The final finish is an exterior grade texture finish which is ultimately painted in a blue gradient.

    On one side of the steps, we have provided an open shelving for display and storage purposes. The other end actually has doors to access the hollow space under the structure for storage purposes. A custom built black perforated screen lends privacy to the bathroom passage behind it.

    The open workspace has two types of table settings. One is a community style worktable. This was custom built to size. The second table is a suspended bar table. Also, a community workspace table. This one was a bit of a challenge to execute.

    Some additional reinforcements were added for better support. This is the fun work table. It’s got a cute plant shelf at the top with plants that will start trailing below over time.

    The creative room – This is an all-white bubble within the office. It’s built in such a way that all the vertical surfaces of the room are actually white boards. This means one can start ideating and jotting down lists and ideas anywhere on these walls. There is a camouflaged drop-down table for the occasional meetings in the room. The suspended cloud like lights lend it an almost ethereal feel.

    The entryway is kept minimal with 3 floating black shelves for display. The bold purple partition makes the space pop and gives it a fun vibe.


    Designed by : M.A.D.E by Urvashi Sathaye

    Project Type : Office Interior Design

    Project Name : AYCS Office

    Location : Andheri, Mumbai

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of project : 3 months

    Project Size : 780 sq.ft

    Project Cost : 30 lakhs

    Principal Designer : Urvashi Sathaye

    Photograph Courtesy : Yadnyesh Joshi

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