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Posted On April 08, 2024

This Boutique Store Embraces Fractal Design by Delving into Sequencing the Space | AD Studio 9

This boutique store embraces fractal design by delving into sequencing the space to create an immersive and sculptural experience. The designer has designed the layout to incorporate both the separation...

Posted On February 22, 2024

Indian Mall Design with Case Studies, Tips, and Common Mistakes

Embarking on the journey of mall design entails a multifaceted endeavour, intertwining aesthetics, functionality, and the crucial element of customer experience. Crafting a well-designed mall transcends merely housing retail outlets;...

Posted On January 05, 2024

15 Types of Streets: Decoding the Urban Tapestry

The types of streets play a pivotal role in shaping the character and functionality of cities. the streets, the pulsating arteries of urban areas, intricately weave the tapestry of city...

Posted On December 01, 2023

Ligne Roset’s Exclusive Mumbai Furniture Store: India’s First Outlet

Bringing its 163-year legacy to India, the family-owned Ligne Roset has opened its first exclusive Mumbai Furniture Store in Prabhadevi. They offer a thoughtful space where end consumers can engage...

  • Posted On November 04, 2023

    Outhouse Jwellery’s brand new store in Goa is a white heaven | Studio Hasta

    In a heritage Portuguese villa, this Outhouse Jwellery’s brand-new store beautifully encompasses the designer’s vision. The brand new Outhouse Jwellery store in Goa is designed by Nishil Shah, founder of...

    Posted On March 17, 2023

    “Devanand Silk Creation” – Where Traditional And Modern Commercial Design Harmoniously Coexist | Mooltatva Design Studio

    Architect Ajay Urgunde is known for his philosophy of creating designs that amalgamate the traditional and modern elements. His latest project in the city of Kalaburagi, which has a rich...

    Posted On January 06, 2023

    Top 30 Interior Designers in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    The creative community holds the power to shape the way of how people perceive Interior Design. Achieving the Functionality of a Space while also making it Aesthetically Pleasing, with respect...

    Posted On August 17, 2022


    Architecture and Design have been the most integral elements in every aspect of our lives. It impacts our lifestyle, our homes, workspaces, spaces of hospitality and wellness centers, etc. We...

    Posted On January 11, 2022

    Display of Wood Craft through Modern Techniques and Technologies in this Raipur Retail Design| I Designs

    An expression of materiality and flexibility, the statement seating are symbolic of the brand, its product and its usability. With these iconic illustrations in a retail design space, a buyer...